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Suddenly feeling blue

Feeling done in. This week been great in so many ways. Had my grand parents up at start of week for a visit, my mum been and stayed a week so had plenty of help, physio had managed to pull my leg back in joint last week so that on mend even though still on crutches and painkillers, so been able to get days out and have time out and yet feeling very low.

John's not been sleeping well and wanting fed all the time last two days, finally (much against HV advice) retried formula. He hates it but just showed how hungry was as even though was a fight to start wasn't spat up and two bottles has seen him settle for the last six hours after having two days of being over tired and narky is lovely to have my happy baby back. Has given me time to get some sleep, have a meal that's hot from start to finish and catch up with my partner properly. That should have improved my mood as wasn't really feeling down before just tired and frustrated. Now just feel like crying and crying and crying. Anyone else felt like this? Plus, and completely random, my flat has a weird smell of dog food wafting through it - not relevant but its annoying me can't find where its coming from!!! x

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Even though you may feel like you're getting a good rest "in-between feeds" & etc... being tired can take it's toll on our bodies without even noticing at times.

Im due to give birth to my 2nd child (hopefully) next week some time & I have a 5yr old son, even though I spend as much time with my son reading and playing a few games I find myself "snapping" at the littlest things sometimes I just need to take myself out of the room & have a good sob or something.

as the weird smell of dog food "if you personally dont have dogs" could it be coming from outside in the garden maybe as where I live we've had quite alot of rain the lawn "at the front of my house" can start to smell like a bit a wet dog ( don't know what that's all about) :)



Lol, think smell may be coming from downstairs as spread from hall and is now everywhere. searched for source isn't in here, or out in lobby or outside so must be from downstairs. we don't have a dog but neither do they. We both would love a dog but at mo wouldn't be fair to have one. Anyway that aside hoping is just tiredness as everyone seems to have noticed bigger change in my mood than I have at mo and started checking up on me. When people start asking if your ok ALL the time is hard not to snap x


I reckon someone (who lives downstairs) bought some sort of "meaty" food & has probably dropped a bit of sauce or something on the ground causing the smell to just get worse & worse.

& yes know the feeling of just about everyone asking you if you're O.K as if you're likley to shatter like a piece of glass as Im due to give birth in just ver a week now so Im being "treated" very similarly at the moment :)



Hi, I know just how you're feeling as I had similar experience a few weeks ago. I became upset and frustrated at the smallest things. I felt really on edge.

I made a list of all the things that I felt we're annoying me and pretty much all of them were because I was so tired. So I gave in and spoke to my partner who MADE me go to bed and have a sleep whenever it was possible (he helped with this and I also 'gave in' and asked my Mum for help). Within just a day i got some sleep and my mood changed 100%,

My main piece of advice would be to tell people how you feel - as much as I thought it wouldn't help it definitely did.

Hope you feel more like yourself soon xx


It sounds like tiredness + post pregnancy hormones might be to blame. It's going to take quite a few good sleeps to refresh you properly.

I have experienced points where I have broken down and cried and cried with no specific reason - it has been evenings that have been worst.

My husband has been very supportive sending me to bed when he sees how bad I feel and looking after Joshua for an hour or so which really helps (I'm usually too fiercely independent to accept help, but learning that sometimes I need to).

It is so hard when my little boy seems to want to feed what seems constantly. I have a great health visitor who explained how he's going through a growth spurt and it could last a few days. Currently his stomach capacity does not match his needs so he needs to keep topping up. Knowing why he's feeding is like that hwlps though currently it feels like it'll be going on forever.

One thing that also helps is knowing that this won't last and soon this tiny dependant person will change and before I know it he'll be growing up too fast so I try to enjoy his littleness.

I hope my rambling on has helped in some capacity and really hope you feel better soon x


Thanks all. Think your right sleep is main thing I need, and to talk to my OH, just gaining some independence back has made me to stubborn to ask for help I guess. I thought he was going through a growth spurt as HV had told me to expect it, but when he was weighed yest after doing so well since birth he's only put on 1oz this week. Going to combination feed this week anyway and see if helps as he doesn't like formula but at mo I'm just not managing to feed him enough. Also means my partner can put me to bed as he's been trying to do for a few days now. This morn still feeling like I could cry but baby has woke up with a smile and growling on his mat so he's back to being happy which does make me feel a bit better x


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