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Gud morning ladies just want to vent. So here I am happy that my placenta has move so c section is out da window. But with all my other 3 kids by 39 weeks they where out. Today I am 39+6 and been in pain since Tuesday lost my mucus from about 3 week on. On top of that had a membrane sweep on Tuesday and still nothing. On top of that I can't get any appointment to c a midwife so will have to go to triage. I need this little man out.

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Im 39 wks today with my 2nd baby & I just can't wait now. Ive got everything ready, ive gone through my hospital bag a thousand times as well as my birth plan so everyone knows what id like to happen on labour day so Im now just playin the waiting game too huni.

Lets hope & pray it wont be too long now :)

For both of us!!


Thanks hun.


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