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severe SPD and shoulder pains

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please help, i am 28w and suffering with savere pelvic girdle pain, i am on codiene but does not help that much, yesterday i was in tears. i constantly have abdo pains but midwife said its only muscosceletal pain and not to worry and just to take painkillers and have worm bath, but i tend to fall asleep in there as i can' t sleep in bed.

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U need to ask to see ur consultant. .. having severe pain is not good ring ur hospital and ask to speak to the consultant secetary and explain to them that u are really struggling with the pain hopefully they will be able to help

I remember this all to well :( but unfortunately for me I didn't no it was spd until week 37 and that was only because I looked it up !!! I was told numerous times it's growing pains and "normal" but I was in agony :( I kind of just got on with it as I wasn't far from giving birth but you still have a way to go so definitely get it sorted as it's horrible to have especially the bigger you get, I hope you can get it sorted soon. I used to get on all fours and hubby used to rub my hips and back wasn't a cure but did relieve some of the pressure xxx

I was referred to a physio last week when I visited my midwife and explained the pain i was getting. She told me it was SPD and I was sent to see physio a week later. There is not alot they can do but they can advise some small exercises to do and some lifestyle changes. U need to strengthen ur pelvic floor muscles as these are weakened at the moment with the strain of baby bump. My physio also told me that while exercising the pelvic floor lying down, to imagine theres a string attached to my belly button and it is pulling it towards my back and then roll the hips so the bottom of ur back touches the floor. I dunno how much it helps but worth a craic!

Also, dont straddle anything, always swivel on ur bum to get out of the car rather than side stepping out, take care with sexual positions, avoid using stairs often, avoid long periods of walking or sitting...they were the only things I was advised.

Look up SPD on NHS website. There are several more tips there aswell. I hope u feel better soon. It is really horrible to have to endure and painkillers really do not help :( xx

have a look at the pelvic partnership website.

Sometimes an skilled osteopath can help tremendously.

thanks for advise ladies, but i got that and more from my physio. also since yesterday 2 am i am having contractions, and today having second dose of steroids to get her lungs matured just in case she does think to arrive early. have not had a wink of sleep since 3 am as my back is killing me. been using shiatsu massage pillow which does help slightly with the pain. hubby will get my gym ball blown up today so i can sit on it.

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