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Mobiles...soothing or stimulating?

Hi ladies...after some advice and words of wisdom! I'll soon be moving my baby boy from Moses basket to cot and am considering a mobile. Can't decide if they give them something to look at whilst falling asleep or just keep them awake?? My mum thinks having something to look at makes them sleepy? Any experiences or thoughts much appreciated!

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My baby's Moses basket is in his cot at the mo so he has his mobile. It seems to do both. If he's awake when I lay him down or he wakes, he often lays looking at it and chatting to it until he dozes off again....the concentration can wear them out. Also he plays and looks at it while waiting to be picked up sometimes before making a I guess depends on if they are tired. Definitely doesn't keep him awake unnecessarily though :-) x

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Thanks Fattyboom - that's pretty much what my Mum suggested (how come they are always right?!!!).

I might also try the Moses basket/cot combination leading up to moving him into the cot.

One thing I have done is put him in his cot after I've changed him everyday to get used to the different mattress and 'view' although this normally means that he's playing and don't want him to get the wrong idea - cots are definitely for sleeping (I hope!).


I'm doing pretty much the same as Fattyboom with Moses cot combo with mobile; I got Fisher Price rainforest one off eBay as they are soooo expensive new and you might just waste your money, it's in perfect working order and I picked I locally so no postage cost, just a 5 min drive!

I also brought one of light projector cot thingy by buzzing brains in Kiddicare (half price at mo at £7.50). Used it for 1st time last night when I put him down after the bedtime and night feeds, slightly roused as he always knows we have separated & wakes a little...... just on for 5 mins in the dark with light on ceiling, just the white noise on and he's out by time it finished. Think it helped me get back to sleep too! I don't think he's massively keen on going from bedside lamp to darkness so I think this helped last night :-) Maybe a fluke, but will use again tonight.

Day time naps trickier, mobile not really being used so much at the mo or he will watch a while then kick off. He's 6.5wks old, maybe when a little older and independent it will do its job more. All babies are different that's the thing xx

Ps. He's awake in Moses now looking at mobile so just put on for him :-) after pulling out a big snotty Bogey so he was a little unimpressed by that! But he's still quiet as I type this :-)


Thanks cheekymonkey3791! I have also managed to pick up a Fisher Price one for half price from TK Maxx! Wanted to seek some experiences before opening it as it was still quite expensive.

I think he'll like it as he'll have something to focus on before drifting off.

He settles well at the moment but want to get him more and more used to going into the Moses basket/cot when he's wide awake at the moment he's generally sleepy before I put him in there.

If there's one thing I've learnt its that they make some seriously strange noises when they're settling off to sleep!! I think he's waking up but just waiting a few more minutes and he's actually settling off to sleep!

He's snoozing at the moment at snoring!!

Better out than in with the snotty bogeys!


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