Measuring big!

I had a check up Monday at 31 weeks and was the first time the midwife had measured my bump with a tape measure. She said it's measuring 40 weeks! Baby is all up top thou and because I'm not very tall has been pushing on my ribs loads said bump is likely to grow out wards now. I'm uncomfortable as it is I can't help but think it's going get worse :( I keep getting really upset at the thought of the pain or when I struggle to do things now. Some reassure me? Anyone experienced similar thing? Will baby be early xxx


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10 Replies

  • If ur measuring 40 weeks now I wud b bit concerned. .thts 2 months ahead..what did ur midwife say...hav they sent u for growth scan.?

  • I have had the problem with my midwife measuring me slightly bigger. At my midwife at 29 weeks I was measuring at 31 but she wasn't concerned at all.

    Same as ceribean have they said about a growth scan as those measurements seem a bit weird? There's unlikely anything wrong peoples bumps grow differently and u may have more fluid possibly? How did midwife leave it? X

  • Got another check in 2 weeks of still radiating big will arrange for a growth scan. Said it could be fluid could be big baby could be my weight but won't know till I have a scan. Why make me wait. Coz I wasn't measured properly at past checks I wonder if they did do properly would have picked up on it sooner. Should I be worrying? Xx

  • Ment if measuring big still

  • I'm surprised that was ur first time being measured as I have been last 3 midwifes sessions. If u r really concerned maybe c if can get booked in for growth scan now if they can do it. I wouldn't be worried as she shouldn't have sent u away if any concerns! Hope all works out ok, which I'm sure it will :-) x

  • Hey, I was measuring big all through my pregnancy, from 28 weeks onwards. I didn't get referred back to the hospital until 36 weeks. Then I had a diabetes test which was negative, and saw the consultant. She did not see the need for a growth scan and I just carried on with the normal care pathway. My little boy turned out to be on the bigger side. But after I'd had him the community midwifes said that as he was my first the consultants would never had changed my care pathway.

    Really dont panic about it, like you said it could be more positioning- that is probably why they are waiting for a second measurement. In terms of coming early, you can't predict it at all. x

  • Have you had a glucose tolerance test atall during your pregnancy??? Gestational diabetes can produce bigger babies so just wonder if you havnt had one if its worth asking your midwife to send you for that??? Wouldn't worry too much as you still have time to go and for them to find out if baby is big and to put a plan in action. xxxx

  • Yeh had one at 28 weeks came back normal. Just gotta wait and see what happens at me next check up. Thanks for ur responses xx

  • Do you see a consultant at all? I had my second appointment with the midwife 4 days ago and it was the first time anyone measured my bump! I didn't even know it was something that should have been done :/

  • Me nither till my friend said. I saw a consultant at 28 weeks wasn't concerned thou he was in a hurry to go home it seemed xx

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