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Was wondering if anyone had any experience with the BT Digital Baby Monitor & Pacifier?

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Looking through previous questions, I can see the most recommended one is the Angelcare monitor with the sensor mat, but unfortunately it is out of my price range. I can find the above monitor online for just over £50 down from £90. First time mum & trying to get everything ready for the little one's arrival, so appreciate any advice on monitors, thanks :)!

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Hi, not posted on here for an absolute age! My friend has this for her daughter who is now 5months and she loves it. She got it from ebay for around £50 and says its the best thing they've purchased. So much so they've brought us one for our eagerly awaited child (due end of nov). They use it as part of the bedtime routine and found it really helps her to relax when they use the combined music and lightshow option. Hope this helps.

Hi there! Thanks for replying :). Awk, that's lovely, Congratulations, not long to go now :P We are due mid Dec - so exciting :D! Just getting all the bits and bobs now!

The digital audio is meant to be extremely clear & has a great range. The two-way speak feature seems great for providing comfort for baby when you're on your way to them. The fact it's also a room thermometer and comes with a little handy travel bag, which is a nice bonus.

Yes, the lullabies seem great - but also the fact you can attach your own MP3 device to play your own choice of tracks. I remember we had a little light show projector & I found this very comforting as a toddler to fall asleep to.

Even though the Angelcare Monitor is great for piece of minds with movements - I'm a little worried that it may cause me to have some extra paranoia about the little ones movements throughout the night. I felt as though this monitor had so many great features for the price.

The angel care with sensor pad is down to £66 at mothercare and tesco at the moment but I used my clubcard vouchers and got it for half of that by doubling them up..I went with the recommended as I haven't bought monitors for years. ..but I'm sure they are all the same x

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Can only see it for £79.99 on the Mothercare site. Thanks for the heads up about Tesco, will take this into consideration seeing as it's a more affordable price - unfortunately I don't have a clubcard myself! Everyone raves about the Angelcare one when you read the online reviews - but I thought the BT one seemed just fine and was more in my price range. Thanks :)

I hav the angel care and got it off kiddicare for 58..amazon often hav bargains. ..if u dont need it till after xmas they might hav offers/sales on after xmas x

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My little girl is due on the 16th of December - who knows if she will be late or early - but I would rather have it sooner, just in case. Thanks though :)

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My son is 7 weeks old and haven't used the monitor yet as hes in our room..will probli find it more useful when hes in his own bed x

We have the bt one and love it esp for when lo wakes up early the light show occupies him after a feed so I can get another hour

Yes, I love that it has the lightshow feature - I'd been looking online for little lightshow orbs similar the one we had when I was little, but to no avail. They all seemed to be very small and dull. It's nice that it's built in. Thank you :)

We have that one & have no problems with it. As someone else said, my 6 month old is now entertained for a while with projections on ceiling. Good range- we sat outside during summer & could hear him snoring away!! x

The mp3 feature is excellent. A friend brought me a selection of cd's with jazz music on meant specifically for bumps, babies and children and ive been able to play them through the monitor to my bump as a kind of 'bonding'.

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