Anyone else suffered with Carpal Tunnel at nearly 22 weeks?!

Hi all. Just back from the Gp after all day yesterday being in agony with pain in my right wrist, hand and all up my arm, sometimes with ions and needles. The dr has signed me off for a week as I work in the community and do a lot of driving. Got to see physio and have a splint. Just wondering if anyone else has suffered with this and what was the best way to get rid of the pain, literally can't pick up anything.

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  • I had it from 32 weeks and have found drinking plenty of water plus trying to sleep with my hands straight helped. yours sounds more severe than mine...i find its bad in the morning but it gets better when i flex my hands and have been up for a while. most uncomfortable though, i feel for you xx

  • I also had it from about 20 weeks. I also was signed off. I was given splints to wear but found them uncomfortable. Rotating the wrists seemed to ease the pain an pins and needles in the mornings. Unfortunately my CTS lasted till 3 months after baby was born which was difficult with having to pick baby up but it did eventually go.

  • I've been suffering since about 22w too. Been wearing splints at night and on days when it's unbearable. But since having my flu and whooping cough jabs I've been In agony and unable todo everyday tasks. Sorry but I've not found anything that's helped as yet. Interested in physio not been offer that so I'm heading to the doctors. He told me that it will go after the baby arrives, I'm quite concerned to hear that it could take time as I'm an artist and haven't been able to draw/paint for over 10w. Love to hear anyone's advice xxxxx

  • I developed CTS with my first pregnancy. Was only mild pins and needles while pregnant but was unlucky and it got worse after the birth which is unusual. I wasted hours with my newborn going to physio appointments and trying exercises, acupuncture and ultrasound therapy. After that I had tests at my neurophysiology department. I am lucky as the local consultant is a leading authority on CTS. I have had splints to wear at night - which I realised how good they are recently spending a weekend away without them! The consultant said painkillers, physio etc are not shown to have any benefit, only splints, steroid injections in the carpal tunnel and surgery are. Injections can be a problem when pregnant though. I have had them (when not pregnant) and they have really helped. My consultant has a website with lots of information and a forum see Good luck everyone, it can be really dreadful and tends to be worse at night which is hard to cope with as you feel so alone when you're in pain and everyone else is asleep!

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