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23 weeks and very faint movement

I am 23 weeks and I'm pretty sure my midwife has declared that my placenta is quite far back....I also have a tilted womb. Does this explain why my baby's movements are quite faint? I must admit my BMI is 36 and I had a little bit of a tummy to start with. My husband has placed his hand on my stomach and he can feel kicks but most of the time, when I feel them, they are like small air bubbles popping then an occasional stomp on my bladder. It's just that my friend who is 2 weeks behind me can feel her baby moving and turning, wriggling and had the oh so common "fluttering" movement which I have never had. Needless to say she is very petite. Is this why??

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Could be all of the things you mention - I know that a sonographer and I had a lovely conversation earlier on in the pregnancy about how much difference a full bladder or full colon can make to how baby lies and what can be seen on the scan so I think it's very possible that it's to do with the way your womb sits and higher BMI is said to make movements less conspicuous. The other thought is that it could be to do with a baby who is in a nice back to your front position early on - so that baby's jutty-out bits, hands and feet and so on are poking in to your back rather than sticking out at the front. I think the important thing is that you know what is normal for your baby and monitor his or her movements with that in mind.


I have heard at least 3 pregnant ladies say they barely feel movement, 2 from nct class, 1 from work. It can be all kinds of things, including your placenta position, womb position and how much weight you carry on your tummy. Small air bubbles popping is really normal.

I wouldn't worry, if your scans are ok and movements you feel are regular. So long as you work out what's normal for you and your baby, to hell with all those skinny minnies and people with wombs positioned just under their skin!! Xx


Hi. I think everyone is different and feels things differently. I'm 25 weeks and have never had the fluttery butterfly feeling. I did feel the little one at 23 weeks but felt more like being poked than bubbles. I have only just begun to feel regular full on kicks in the last week.I also find it feels different depending on little ones position and also how full my stomach is. I don't think you need to worry unless there's a change in what's normal for you. You can always speak to your midwife if you're worried.No point worrying yourself. X


Hi! I'd definitely agree on the trying not to worry yourself! I had so many people asking me if I'd felt mine moving that I was beginning to get really paranoid! I didn't have any of the butterfly feelings either and have only just started feeling the odd 'bubbling' (although actually it feels more like an internal fart! Not the best description but...) at 23 weeks.

I had a bit of a breakdown at the Dr's about it the other day and she said its completely normal and to relax. I'm trying to work on my 'everyone' is different and as long as I feel OK and the Dr says I'm OK then I can just go back to getting excited :)

Hope you feel less worried soon :) x


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