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Maternity wedding/elegant dresses shop - Where to find?

Hi ladies,

At the beginning of this year me and my fiancé planned our wedding for May. We had to cancel it as in the meantime Sienna Grace appeared :) and I've been very sick for about 3 months. We still want to get married this year so we planned for Gretna Green in November.

Do you ladies know any shop(Hertfordshire area and London) where I could find maternity wedding dresses(or if not very elegant maternity dresses)? If I order, would take too long. And I'd like to be able to try it on as I'm not sure what will look good on me at 33 weeks :(

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Isabelle Oliver and Serephena brands both do posh frocks which would be lovely but not wedding dresses. A friend of ours was 6 months pregnant when they got married and just wore a normal wedding dress but a couple o sizes bigger.


I got married in April, was 6 and a half months gone, I wore this...

Their dresses are beautiful! Quite pricey but could sell on eBay after!? Xx


Wow rachgibson that dress is gorgeous!!

Reply does great maternity wear and does a luxe collection of evening / party wear and also wedding dresses. I've bought some general every day tops and a black trouser suit from them, but bought a silk dress from their luxe collection for a black tie dinner I went to and had loads of compliments! :) I wore the dress again a couple of weeks ago (am now 38 weeks). Definitely recommend - their online service is great but their main store in London is off Kensington High St. Happy shopping! (PS this is also where Kate Middleton got some of her jersey dress from - and no they're not really expensive!!)


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