Does anyone else dread bed time?

I'm nearly 31 weeks and for the past few weeks I have the same routine. First the irritated legs. Then getting comfy in bed. Then cold sickie feeling in throat then can't swallow properly. I can't sleep I feel so ill, sometimes I sick which actually thou not ever pleasant at the time helpse sleep better but I can't just be sick every night before bed to get a better nights sleep. It's irritating and very tiring I don't know how to get round it. Can anyone help? Please?

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Ahh sounds familiar. I wss physically sickfotr 9 months morning and night and yep it got boring and it physically drained me. The last few weeks were even worse and I was eating barely anything but as I was in the last stages in aug I had to as was hot so lived on ice lollies. I dont think that there is anything to help unless you get tabs frm docs but as soon as I had my son nearly 7 weeks ago it stopped just like that and eating 3 meals a day for the first time since January without throwing up was amazing. ....there is an end but I kno how fed up and tired u feel. The only way I reduced the sick was to eat very little after 3ish and rrd meat made me worse but I feel ur pain xx

I understand how you feel, I am 35+3. I use to love having a lie in, now going to bed is such a chore. When I have to turn over from my left to right side it's like an event! Also i have started snoring since I got pregnant and it's really loud, sometime I wake myself up! I know those days of lying in and enjoying my sleep and long gone for a while, but definitely worth it.

You sound just like me - it's not good!! I'm 37+ 3 so getting there slowly!' Have you tried a glass of tonic water before you go to bed to help your legs? Doesn't taste very good but with a wee bit of black currant it's bearable!! To help with the sickness I take 2 Rennies as soon as I go to bed and it helps most nights with the sicky feeling x

yes I am 36 weeks tomorrow and much of this is sounding horribly familiar.

I too have been waking myself up by snoring soooo loudly, my partner has long since banished me to the spare room! I panic if I don't have a packet of orange rennies by the bed. I love spicy food and that's a real no-no! As for the performance of it all, the careful arrangement of the pillows, the flailing around to move, the constant needing a wee in the night... I can't blame the OH...

Now in the last 2 days it's been a new sleeping disaster - massive bouts of braxton hicks, so I've been woken up by my bump deciding to clamp itself round the poor little blighter. only way to get rid of it is to get up and walk around. starting to get serious suitcases under my eyes!!

I've just read a post from some other ladies that suggests it gets better in a week or so, but poor you Melisastar, sounds like you're a few weeks further out and having a particularly bad time... xx

Soooo uncomfortable! I'm now 36+3. My hips kill with laying on my side, up every two hours to go for a wee only to find a dribble coming out, acid reflux, belching, etc. Glad I've not had constipation at all throughout my pregnancy. The joys of reproducing

thanks for all ur replys. Ur all little further than me so looks like I'll as a few more weeks of this. The joys! Hopefully be able to catch up on some sleep when I finish work 4 more weeks to go. I will try rennies thou. Good luck to u all xxx

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