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I can't remember how often they feed in the beginning but little man feels like he is permanently attached to my boobs and as soon as he is awake he is rooting for milk... I'm wondering if my milk is Good enough quality he wakes every 2 hours in the day every hour in the night. .. I've given him a bottle For one of. his evening feed now to try and make him sleep a bit longer

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Hi hun.all my babes have been the same with feeding in the first few weeks but does settle down. Im sure your milk is just fine, assuming its 'come in'? It does feel like they are constantly feeding though xx

It sounds as if your milk may be "establishing" itself to give him the right amount.

Its definitely hard when it feels as if their constantly on your boob, but id say give a few more days & he'll get better satisfaction I think


Can sometimes take up to 6 weeks for supply to establish itself and for things to settle down. Please don't worry about the quality of your milk - your milk is perfectly made to match the needs of your baby. Breast milk is more easily digested than formula which is why bf babies need to feed more often. They need to feed frequently in the early days to get your supply and also grow. Let your baby feed on demand, sit back on the sofa and enjoy this special bonding time with your baby. It's a cliche but it really does go so fast

I was the same for first couple of days but it takes a while to get get established...try and persevere and it will settle down in a few days but I personally would not giv too many bottles until ur milk is in otherwise it might effect ur milk supply just sit on sofa or bed and let him suckle it is draining at times but best for him

It's hard when u have a family to look after thou and baby only wants u... think I'll give it another week and see how I go. .. he's being weighed on Monday so I'll know if it's any good..been thinking of mix feeding so if it comes to it I'll try that before I go completely onto bottle. . But at least I know it's normal...u forget things so quickly! Thanks guys x

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I've had loads of trouble with bf but last night seemed to be the beginning of a new chapter now my milk has come in. Jacob was the same - feeding normal enough during the day but attached to me at night. It's because the hormones that produce the milk are working overtime at night so it makes him want to feed. I was told my my MW not to combine feed because he'll get confused between the nipple and the teet but if you want to give your boobs a break then express and use a little cup (your MW or HV will have one) syringe, or even a spoon to fed him it. It takes a bit of time but at least you know baby's satisfied and getting the goodness of your breast milk.

I hope you both get into a better routine soon xx

Sounds normal Hunni keep with it every two hours timing feeds from minute he latches on. It does feel like he on all the time and is tiring but. The more he feeds the more he stimulates milk flow. He's getting very rich colostrum at the moment which is the best. Xx

Hey hun my lo is 3 weeks Wednesday and I have just introduced a bottle at night !!! He still feeds like a trooper in the day every hour to two hours and is very demanding but he doesn't have nipple confusion and takes the bottle easy enough :) he went down at half 9 last night and woke at 3.45 for a feed and change of nappy then woke at 9 for next feed hopefully were on to a good thing as this has been the routine for the past 3 nights it is hard and you've got other kids to look after so extra hard but do what's best for you an baba xxx

Oh wow,

I nearly gave it up at the beginning, on day three or four I felt like she was permanently attached to me and it was painful, I also gave a formula bottle on two nights. I think it is because all they have is colostrum and maybe we don't produce enough or quick enough lol.

But hang on in there, after day 4 things got a lot easier for me. Good Luck xx

Must admit feel like we turned a bit of a corner last night so fingers crossed so I'll see how it goes Thanks for all ur info :)

Bottles do not make babies sleep longer, they just expand babies stomach and make them hungrier. It would be beneficial if you dropped the bottle to ensure that the stomach does not expand.

It is completely normal for baby to sleep and feed in the routine that you little on is feeding. That IS how they feed until the body is satisfied that the breasts have a good supply. it generally settles around 6-8weeks, and then sometime after that you realise baby is going longer between feeds. Maybe get a sling during the day so baby can feed whilst you do chores. Or for the evening so maybe settles better before bed time.

Another thing that helps mums in the early days is reading the UNICEF Safe Bed-sharing leaflet, if you tick all the right boxes then you can bed share (you sleep and baby feeds) without the risk of SIDS.

You milk is made specifically for your baby, it is specially tailored for your individual baby. It will be good enough. The first milk aka "liquid gold" is called colostrum and that is like a booster for the immune system, that can take any time up to 8 days to change to the white stuff, which in essence is the colostrum and then a 90% water volume added to it.

Trust in yourself and your baby. Everything is completely normal. But if ever you are in doubt look at baby's nappies... 6 wet nappies a day. And a poo that is mustard yellow in colour and porridge/chicken korma in texture. If that is not the case then, feed your breast-milk more often, keep offering until baby refuses (cannot force feed a breastfed baby and you cannot overfeed a breastfed baby - hormones prevent both of these - However you can overfeed and force feed a formula/bottle fed baby)

Remember feed to cues not cries and feed from one breast per feeding session - allow baby to come off them-self, do not assume because baby's eyes are closed that they are asleep, they are asleep when they spit you out. Some mum's do not realise this and then wonder why baby is waking up sooner, it is because mum is taking baby off before they are ready and before they have had the "sleeping tablet" at the end of the feed.

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