Myself and my partner went to see the fertility consultant on Tuesday and to cut along story short I'm to fat and my eggs are low!!! Absolutely mortified and full of guilt. Been told I need to lose at least 2 stone by Christmas to be able to qualify for the 1 round of IVF before I turn 40 in April. Can anyone help me with quick ways to lose weight please


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  • As someone who has always struggled with weight issues, I would definitely recommend Slimming World. It's so easy to follow and usually you can lose quite a lot in the first few weeks. Eat as early as you can in the morning to start your metabolism, eat foods that will move your digestive system along, beans, peas, fruit, chicken etc. drink loads of water. I would also recommend getting a pedometer and wherever you can, WALK. Do it in your lunch break at work, take the stairs everywhere. I know it sounds basic but trust me, if you can stick to it, there is no reason why you couldn't lose the weight you need to. My sister in law also did Zumba, as she was in the same predicament as yourself with a timing issue. The weight dropped off. Good luck. I really hope you succeed and get everything you hoped for xxx

  • I'd defo recommend slimming world !!! I've done it a few times and it's guaranteed you'll loose weight :) mixed with abit of exercise you should defo reach your goal, good luck hun xx

  • Thanks for replying girls. I've tried slimming world years ago and did pretty good on it so think I'll take your advice. Thankfully in my job I walk all the time so that's sorted lol. Thanks again and will keep you posted xxx

  • I really rate Slimming World too - the Extra Easy plan is great. Plus exercise - you really need to get your heart rate up and get sweaty, 3 or 4 times a week. I found running the best way. It seems scary, but trust me, I really am not built for running, and I managed it - I downloaded the free NHS app called "Couch to 5k", which brings you up slowly over around 9 weeks I think, from walking and running interspersed, to running (or jogging) for 30 mins. I never thought I'd be able to do it - I was seriously overweight and very unfit - but it is manageable as it takes you through slowly - you just run when she says and walk when she says. I did it 3 times a week.

    It's so daunting to lose weight, but it is possible if you put the work in. And you've got the best motivation! Good luck!

  • Oh, zumba was really good too - definitely got the heart rate up, and was good fun!

  • The honest answer is that there are no quick and healthy fixes... Diet (not too rigid else you will break) and more exercise. Try to find someone like minded to help support you (and vice versa).

    My friend found the weight watchers points diet worked a treat

    Good luck - you have an amazing goal to work towards! Xxx

  • I thought I would take the time to reply and try to reassure you miracles can happen. I too went to a fertility clinic at the age of 37 to discover I had PCO. I felt hopeful I would come out with some drugs to help fertility. Nope...I was told I had to lose 4 st before they would even see me again

    I told them I had recently lost 2st (through slimming world), only to be told well you know what to do then!! I too was mortified. That was in the January. By March I had conceived naturally. :)

    Nearly 3 years later (and back at s. World) we decided to try again.....leaving it to nature. First time we conceived. We are expecting our second in 2 weeks aged 41.


  • Do not feel mortified! There is nothing to be ashamed of! My friend was a size 24 I think.. Anyway her and her partner where trying to conceive and she was told to loose weight. She went on the 5:2 diet. It's not so much a diet as just a healthy eating plan! The 5:2 diet is where you pick two days of the week where you only consume 500 calories. For example on her "two days" she would have fruit and porridge, and for the other 5 days you only consume your normal 2000 calories and no more. Also plenty of exercise! She does 3 miles everyday, and also plays badminton on a Thursday. Over a year she is now down to a size 16. And she is now 20 weeks pregnant :) I am so proud of her and she plans to jump straight back on the fitness after the wee one is here! By no means is this healthy eating plan a "quick fix" but it is a proven working eating plan where you can loose weight if you stick to it. Look it up on the internet, there will be lots more information on it as it is quite a popular eating plan now :) oh and she was to have IVF but ended up conceiving naturally :) I wish you all the best of luck and do not give up :) xx

  • I've heard that the 5:2 diet isn't recommended if you're trying to conceive, as the fasting can affect your fertility. Just worth checking it out thoroughly before starting anything like this - perhaps ask your GP?

  • Hi there,

    Slimming world is a good place to start, but instead of focusing on the low fat products, look to eat the right amount of full fat/ real food stands you in better stead when you've reached target and tastes better too. As stated above the 5:2 diet is not recommended for women who are hoping to conceive or who are pregnant.

    Activity is also really important and to make a difference you need to do a mix of cardio/weights/ stretching -either low impact (walking/ swimming/ yoga/pilates) or high impact (running/ spinning class/ cycling/ fitball) and weights at a gym under guidance. Start gently and increase the time and intensity at 4-6 weeks intervals and dont underestimate the value of classes or gym membership as it will help you to feel motivated,perhaps take up and activity with your other half - his health is just as important!

    It's surprising how much the extra weight drags you down and even losing 1/2 of what has been suggested will make you feel better and improve your chances of conceiving, while the exercise will help to reduce your stress levels.

    Finally, before you get to the point of begining that IVF journey, don't forget that to make babies you need hot sex and lots of it, and by becoming fitter and healthier you give yourself the best chance not only of conceiving a child but also maintaining the pregnancy to term.

    Good luck, I hope this helps :)

  • Paleo or cave man diet plus exercise, best thing ever and amazing results. Good luck

  • Thank you all so, so much for taking time to reply. I've taken the bull by the horns and joined the local gym and will be shortly clearing out my cupboards of cack and going shopping. Will keep you all posted :-). Thanks again xxxx

  • I do aqua zumba which i find harder than regular zumba but more enjoyable, personally!

  • Weight watchers I did & lost 4 stone but it took me a year. At least it has given you a goal & motivation to want to loose. Good luck with it, it isn't easy but focus on what your possible outcomes will be which is having a baby.

  • My husband and I have just found out that our first round of ivf has been successful, so hope this helps you keep focused on your weight loss so you can receive the support you need. Good luck and chin up x

  • Well done for making the 1st step and joining the gym exercise and healthy diet is the best way forward I run a weight loss program working with alot of ladies trying to conceive and the amount of woman that have been trying for years that manage to conceive naturally when they make lifestyle changes always suprises me n definetly worth the hard work good luck :)

  • I (personally) don't like some low-fat options of foodstuffs, because (again, from what I've noticed) they tend to be higher in sugars, which leaves you feeling unsatisfied, gives you a blood-sugar crash later on, and makes you hungrier! Just a little word of warning :-)

    My advice would be to eat sensibly - don't rule out everything 'naughty' in a diet, or else you will crave it more. If you go out for a meal, maybe do some research about the low calorie options, or bulk out a small starter with a side salad. If you fancy some chocolate, then have a little bit (a friend told me if you freeze individual squares and eat a piece at a time, you'll find it takes longer to chew/digest, satisfying your craving without eating the whole lot)

    Teamed with exercise, I'm sure you'll be fine :-) Good luck!!

  • Hi all just thought I'd let you know that I've lost my first stone of the 2 I needed to. Woo Hoo :D

  • Wow thts great..well done u. Xx

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