The labour of love :)

Monday seems like ages ago now and today would of been his due date... it was an amazing experience and very quick. ..I was told to go in at 9.30 Monday morning was so excited. ... arrived and was told there was a wait as labour Ward was busy and there were 2 ladies in front of me. .. so basically clock watched the oh went home to pick kids up so I had a little nap in the afternoon and at 3 my friend who was also my birthing partner came up. . We chatted for a bit then I said I'd have a quick shower so I was all fresh for the labour. .. was in the shower when the midwife came in to say I was ready to go down! So excited rang oh and if we went to labour Ward. ..they had to put a canula in and get the antibiotics going and the drs came in and said they were happy for me to wait 4 hours before having the drip up...I was thinking I'll be here for hours! Anyway midwife broke my waters... and told me to keep mobile so I was walking around got a rocking chair and sat on that.. really felt the pressure on my cervix on that sooooo recommend it. .. think this was about 7ish started to feel some period pains and started to breathe them thru as they got more painful, I got my Friend and oh to time them just so I could keep a track and feel I had some control. .. they were not regular betwwn 5-7 mins so back on the rocking chair I went. .. within in minutes they started to come every 2 minutes by this time I was starting to struggle with no pain relief so asked for gas and air. .. midwife suggested I try the meptid which is similar to pethidine but doesn't last as long so had that but said I also needed to had and air. ..I went to stand up to sit on the rocking chair but the contractions started coming every minute.... it was half 9 and I asked her to examine me to see how far dilated I was.. but she did she would examine me at 9.45 I said I want to be examined as I think id like an epidural. .. so she did. .I was 5cm with my cervix having an anterior lip she moved that out the way and I felt the urge to push. . By that time a senior midwife had come in cos little mans heartbeat had dropped to 90 they tried to attach the clip on his head but it didn't work.... the senior midwife said was that a little push I saw isabelle? And she said if u feel like pushing go with it so I did and 2 pushes his head was out. ..I was squeezing my friends hand on one side and the oh on the other while he held the gas and air in my mouth for me. ...I felt his shoulders all inside me and asked them to pull him out. ..they told me to stop pushing and do little breathes which I did and the next push he slid out. .. and that felt much better lol. ..because I've had epidurals before, it was amazing to feel the head coming down and his body in the birth canal... although it wasn't the nicest feeling I'm glad I experienced it and was glad it was over quickly! So the fastest labour yet no oxytocin drip no epidural just a fanastic experience.... didn't lose control... swore once! Oh and stuck my fingers up at my friend for keep saying think of nice thoughts. .... think of ur holiday. .. wanted to tell her to shut up but kept the gas and air firmly in my mouth lol. ..was quite overwhelmed when he come out they put him on me but he was a bit shocked so they blew on him and kept rubbing him but he quickly found his lungs! I was thinking I've just had a baby! Was too shaky to hold him so dad held him. .. he had to go under the heater cos he was a bit cold.. he latched on lovely but was so upset et so asked for a bottle. ..he took 5ml and it settled him straight away. ..up on ante natel Ward was a joke. .. just horrible not like the ward I was in when my asthma was bad! I got out of the wheelchair to get into bed and trod on a bloody plaster! The other mums let their babies scream.. think they had sections so couldn't pick them up but they never rang their bell either for help so their babies screamed till midwives heard them and came in. .. so little man slept well. hardly at all wish I'd paid for a room! And by 10am the next morning they wanted my bed. ..I was happy to come home! Feeling pretty knackered with my piles being worse than having a sore Mary from pushing the baby out im taking it easy as possible before half term next week when everyone will be home! It's been lovely being on here going thru ur pregnancy with other women sharing ur fears concerns and joys of pregnancy. ..and just to say a big thank you and wishing everyone all the best in continuing pregnancies and motherhood xxx

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  • Wow. I'm glad things went so well for you after all that anxiety of waiting. It's good to read other peoples' experiences (talking of which, I never did post mine - oops).

    Hope things are going well for you and your little one at home now x

  • Yes big sigh of relief! Just seen pic of ur little man he is gorgeous! X

  • Thanks :-)

  • Sounds great, well done you...what happened to 5-10cm? ;-) Xx

  • That was a bit of a blur. .. :) ur little man has so grown love his smile looks so happy x

  • Congratulations babymother (I'm little behind the times I'm afraid). Hope mummy & baby are doing well :) x

  • Yes, me too Beanymo! Just catching up on the news! Congratulations Babymother - you did awesome! Sounds like you had great support too (notwithstanding your friend getting on your nerves with holiday talk!) Shame about postnatal ward - so often the way after a good birth - a terrible overnight stay! Hope you have had plenty of rest at home and have a nice week with everyone getting to know each other in half term without too much stress!

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