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Just had to share. John now 3 weeks old and you can see that his eyes are becoming a lot more focused. Not entirely sure how much he can see now but he can recognise some people by sight inc 2 of his great grandads (which has meant they've not stopped beaming since!) and hes getting more and more control of his limbs. This morn he's been in a bit of a temper as he didn't sleep much in the night (very unusual) then the HV woke him up to weigh him (hes gained 14 oz in a week so impressed with my self as is EBF). Since then he's been in one, crying everytime thought I'd stopped paying attention (This is his latest trick and hoping it's a short lived one). Anyway I'd been bouncing him a bit to calm him and lifted him a little higher to get a better hold as arms were getting tired when suddenly he stopped. Thought great. Looked st his face, his eyes completely focused on me, bit of the grumpy cat expression going on, but we've learnt this is actually his concentrating face. all of a sudden he reaches one hand up and starts touching my face. Kept doing it and so started to chatter nonsense to him and he started to smile as he suddenly filled with excitement. Unfortunately excitement does mean he can't quite control his arms so well and there were one or two whacks rather than just gentle strokes but was just so amazing!!! even if did end because he decided to do a really big smelly poo in his nappy.... I'm going to be one of those mums who bores everyone with my son did this stories aren't I? x

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Aw that's great !! My lil mans 15 days old and he too focuses and is very strong it's lovely learning all there lil ways and signs I'm also ebf and love the bond it's brings :) I'm sure we're all guilty of praising our lil ones and if it's your first like mind is I think I too might start to bore people lol xx


it is my first - one more week and you'll be boring people too lol x


awwwhh! indeed.

It's funny how babies do tend to focus on certain people (members of family) as I always imagined it as if the baby is actually having a conversation in his head.

My son was also a grumpy one when woken up as he was a bit of a "night-time player" for about the 1st 7-8 months of his life & judging by some of the movements I feel from this Lil one "at 37+ wks she'll be the same :)



Brilliant, congratulations and glad he and you are doing so well! X


Ah that is so sweet. At 2 weeks old Joshua loves to study faces and also patterns. He's not yet got enough coordination to put his hands where he wants them but has managed on a couple of occasions to pull his sister's fingers into his mouth for a good chomp. I'm keeping a semi regular diary so I don't forget. It's so exciting when they do things for the first time :-)


A diary is a good idea. John loves chewing on fingers too. Quite amusing seeing him trying to co-ordinate, esp when pulls his hands back when means to push forward. also starting to grab hair. He's growing so quick. I know we need our sleep but do find myself wanting days to last a few hours longer so he wont grow more just for that little extra time x


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