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Hi guys

Just wondering if u all got sent home with the fragmen injections midwife said I should of had them checked with drs when she got back hosp and they have written me up a script for a week now to collect tmw. .. not very happy about that as was practically kicked out yesterday cos they needed my bed. .. not that I wanted to stay.. it was horrendous! The other Women just letTheir babies scream until midwives came in to help. ...but they did say baby would need to be monitored for 24 hours cos of strep b... but then other midwife said no 12 hours. . But midwife who came today said 24! And I've noticed some blood in little mans poo is changing from meconium to yellow. . Been told to Monitor it over night... am so in love with my gorgeous beautiful bundle xx

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I was offered fragmin at Maternity unit but they didn't explain risks to me at all of not taking it. Given the choice of injecting myself or not (or so I thought) I said no thanks. Midwife visited next day and asked why I had refused them. She went on to explain that I was at medium risk of developing a blood clot which I hadn't been told. She went to hospital pharmacy to pick them up and showed me how to inject. I finished them a couple of days ago.

That's bad how they just chucked you out like that and conflicting advice not helpful...

Aww they are so beautiful that asides from the sleepless nights you wish they could stay that way forever. Enjoy him :-)


Thanks for info. . Yeah I told her im not very mobile at the mo either because I'm feeling quite weak on my feet... the midwife was like Oh well u have missed 2 days she rang community midwife office and they said the same but she said she would double check with drs and then rang me back to say I've got a script waiting for me..


I was told i didnt need it when i had just had my little boy and an emergency spinal. but then was given it when i was readmitted to the same ward after being home for a night :-) x


I was given them after having a C section, but not sure if the my friends who had normal deliveries were given them. They weren't too bad. I got my husband to do them as I was a bit squeamish about doing it myself! Enjoy you little guy. They grow up so quickly :-( xx


I had the injections after my Vdelivery and after my section. I had one a day for about a week after if it is the same injection that we are talking about.

If you are feeling unwell you need to contact your midwife and get her to come out and check you dont just struggle on. No one even bothered to come and see me when I got home.


Thanks just feeling rather weak haven't got my strength back yet. .. so just resting alot x


Hi there,

I've been on fragmin since 10 weeks, (7,500 units twice daily self administered injection) because of a blood clot. I had to stop the dose on thursday night and friday morning before induction friday lunch, had the baby sat am at 5.08 and was back on the fragmin by lunchtime. The drug doesn't have a long half life so it clears from your system quite quickly.

If you are at risk of clotting the discomfort of the injection is nothing compared to the damage a clot can do. my top tip to injecting yourself is to use the needle in the same way that you'd hold a dart and use a throwing motion to insert the needle into the fatty tissue in the front of your belly while breathing out (I pinch my inch at the front, too far toward my hips and it stings more) I find a different area each time and use the left side in the mornings and the right side at night. I found it hurt more in my thigh too. You might want to consider compression hosiery too as this helps your return blood flow, important if you're not very mobile at the moment but discuss this with your MW.

I hope you start to feel better soon and it sounds like you won't need them for long anyway, I have 6 weeks then warfarinisation - oh the joy of being a human pin cushion :) Still my little man is worth every second, I'm so in love :) Happy Days


I was sent home with them as apparently I had a higher risk if clotting due to my age. However, I was in hospital for 5 days after the birth of my lo, and they never gave me any whilst I was there. With that in mind I didn't inject myself with them once home as I figured if they hadn't bothered to give them to me for the five days I was there It obviously wasn't that much of a risk factor. I guess it's up to you at the end of the day. Midwife should have told you the signs to look out for for a blood clot anyway. Congratulations by the way :) xx


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