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Scared something is going to go wrong!


Have been TTC for 18months and after visiting doc and start tests a month later and pregnancy test says POSITIVE after so so long and lots of disappointing months I'm not so much happy as in shock! I don't think it will settle till I see the scan.

I'm only 6 weeks 3 days along and I'm both very impatient for time to pass quickly and paranoid something is going to go wrong. I haven't had any sickness so am worried that's a sign something's not right. Have 2 close friends who have both recently miscarried a couple of times and I am so scared the same is going to happen to me. My first scan is not until 2nd December and I don't think I can take the not knowing everything is ok agony! Was anyone else this worried? Is there anything I can do to check things are ok? I haven't had any spotting but read that's not always a sign and also read that a miscarriage would not necessarily be picked up on a pregnancy test for several weeks after!

Soooo want this to be it and everything to be fine and healthy!!

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Hey. Firstly huge congratulations!!!! I had no sickness or anything like that at all. I had some dizziness in the first 4 weeks but other than that in the beginning I had no other symptoms...other than sensitive boobs after a while. Not everyone gets many symptoms so try not to worry about that. I wasn't hugely worried as such, but I did really want the first scan to hurry up to be sure there was a baby in there! Seemed unreal and the lack of symptoms made me think maybe I was just getting a bit fat instead of a bump haha!! I would say j just relax, stay positive and enjoy the fact you don't have any rough symptoms ;-) x


As hard as it is just try an relax! It's completely normal to feel as worried as you are, we all do.

You need to remember that every pregnancy is different, I'm now 29 weeks and still haven't had any morning sickness thank god :)

If your that worried and feel like you can't wait till your 12 week scan, perhaps book an 'early viability scan' through a private clinic. You will have to pay but it's so worth it. I had one at 7 1/2 weeks and it made me feel so relieved once i'd seen her teeny heartbeat thumping away :)

Good luck with the pregnancy and I'm sure all will be okay. Just relax and enjoy the process :) x

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P.S. Congratulations!!xx

Congratulations :) as the girls have already mentioned, every pregnancy is different! I miscarried a year ago and with that pregnancy I was sick every day with a lot of other symptoms. I am now 34 weeks pregnant and the only way I found out I was pregnant this time was with my period being late! I had no other symptoms whatsoever and didn't feel pregnant at all! I only started to feel pregnant at around 19 weeks when I then started to get all the symptoms! Just feel lucky just now your not having morning sickness all day!! Honestly the best thing you can do for both of you is to not panic and try not to stress. So much harder said than done I know, but it really is the best for both of you :) xx

Huge congratulations. Yes, I felt exactly the same as you. We'd been trying for 14 months and it's hard to accept that it's real until you see that scan. Think I may even have done an extra pregnancy test at some point just to check. Don't worry about no symptoms - totally normal. I know it's the hardest thing not to worry. Hope the weeks go by quickly and you'll be seeing that scan soon. In some ways this first 12 weeks is the hardest time, as it's just a waiting game. Sending you best wishes. X

congratulations! relax as best as you can, I'm a very spiritual person, and I will pray that god bless you and give you something to smile about.

Thankyou all so much for your support! Had my scan date letter arrive - 2nd dec- so at least I have a date to aim for! Fingers crossed!!

I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins after IUI and trying for 5 years and suffering 3 miscarriages. The waiting is horrible and although I have had several scans, the waiting between 12 weeks and 20 week scan is really getting to me. The waiting is horrible and you may not have any symptoms of pregnancy or miscarriage. Although I have a bump I still think I am going to wake up one day and it will all have been a dream. I had hypnotherapy and it really helps. Try finding a quiet area, put your hands on your tummy, take some deep breaths breathing out slower than you breath in and tell yourself "I am ready and able to carry this healthy pregnancy through to the 9th month and safe birth". I used to do this a few times a day about 5 times over. People can tell you to try and relax but you have to teach yourself to do this. Best of luck x

Massive congratulations! And if you haven't already gathered from other responses your feelings are entirely normal! I did about 3 tests a day, which cost a fortune, just to check my hormone levels were still up! I didn't have a single bit of sickness and I'm now 35 weeks gone, even though I am high risk of miscarriage due to my age.

Every time my boobs didn't hurt for a few days the gnawing doubt would start. My symptoms went completely at 9 weeks and the day of my scan I was so nervous they were going to tell me something was wrong.

I agree you need a bit of an inner chant to stay positive, try to relax and enjoy it. It also helped me to remember that after so long ttc if was a relief that it was all working! Wishing you all the best xxx

Totally know where you're coming from! It's almost impossible not to worry. I looked up tones of the research and it turns out that once you're past 8 weeks, your miscarriage risk is actually only about 5%. So no need to stress until December!

I also had no pregnancy symptoms all the way through, in fact I was always surprised when people asked how far along I was because I keep forgetting I showed!

Ditto the above. Have had no sickness at all and am now 25 weeks. There were little things I noticed early on like breasts hurting and a very sensitive sense of smell, so perhaps other little symptoms which are less obvious might show themselves to you soon. But really nothing to worry about, our bodies all cope with it differently :)

Huge congratulations... We were trying for nearly 3 years and finally got caught the week we were referred for IVF and were the same as you worried and waiting for that first scan, I am now 32 weeks and still worry just the same, I think that's part of pregnancy you wouldn't be human if you didn't worry, especially after wanting something so much. Just go with what your body tells you it would let you know if something was wrong, and try and enjoy this fantastic experience (I wish I could take my own advice, I have been a nervous wreck and feel like I haven't enjoyed the experience as much as I could) good luck :) X

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