Stabbing pains top of stomach and left side - anyone advise? :)

I have been having stabbing pains across her top of my stomach, to the left side for 5 weeks.. I've been back and forth to the midwife who says the baby is fine as the pain is above my uterus. My doctors has tested my pancreas and just waiting for a scan.. Has anyone had anything similar? I'm not sure what else to do :( I am currently 31 weeks pregnant X


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  • I'm 26weeks pregnant and have been getting something similar but on my right side. I get a pop/ clicking feeling followed by a stabby pain, followed by a burning sensation about 2cm below where my bra sits on my right hand side just at top of bump. I asked midwife and she said it wasnt pregnancy related, might be gall stones but they cant treat it til after bubs is born :(

    Its crap not knowing and having no way to relieve the pains. I really hope they find out what is causing urs and can treat it for u xx

  • Hi I am 11 weeks and had the same issue for the past 5 days with constant pain on my right. We went to the emergency unit at the hospital last night and got referred to a gynaecologist that carried out an assessment. She said it's a cyst on my ovary which often occurs in the first trimester to feed the baby n the cyst can grow larger over time making the ovary twist on one side. She assured me that it usually gets solved itself. They also booked me in for an early scan today. So if you are really worried you could go to the hospital and hopefully they can assess your situation too :) good luck hope all goes well

  • Thank you both for your reply, I am waiting on a scan date so will hopefully get some answers... Just wish the pain would stop. 5 weeks is driving me up the wall :( x x

  • This may be something as simple as the wrong bra size.. I used to have flaring pain in my ribs just under my breasts and it turned out that my maternity bra had gotten too small! The pain went away almost immediately after I got a bigger bra..Maybe time to get fitted for a bigger size? :)

  • I thought this too... So I went and got measured and new bra's, no change :( I'm sure it will be something as simple as that but just finding out what. X

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