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it is happening?

Well after everyones help with tips to conceive, Im due on in 2 day.. eek. ive been feeling really tired, that i find myself wanting to go bed early as 7pm??, that is not me. and i just dont wanna get up in the morning, that isnt me aswell, and after going doctors, my doctors thinks i could be pregnant, ive been having little cramps, dizziness and everytime i move i wanna be sick?. i have headaches frequently and i have like the tiniest bit of blood in my pants??.. could i be pregnant?!

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Could be yeah !

What you could do is try & buy the "twin pack" pregnancy testing kit, "you can find them in major supermarkets like asda, tesco morrisons & so on" just in case your HGC hormone level is still a bit low to detect .


I agree with Abenaa, you can get the tests that you can use 4 days before your period is due so may be worth giving them ago? But is better to wait till your period is 'late.'

Also, if you do turn out to be pregnant, I'd mention to someone about the spot of blood. Always worth getting that sort of thing checked out although it could just be implantation bleeding.

Good luck!! Hope you get the result you want :) x


the problem with guessing is that both pregnancy and period signs are almost identical. It does sound promising though, so i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Clearblue are the better ones to use as they tell u in words whether or not ur pregnant as I always struggled to fully read the lines coz they can show up really faint and id think it was negative. They are expensive though, so best to wait til ur late as embee said.

good luck x


sounds promising, hope it's good news! agree though that it's the same blimmin symptoms, which is frustrating. clearblue is great for early detection. I was rubbish at waiting and frittered a fortune on those damn things! xx


Oooh good luck. Just to warn you though, I had the same symptoms a couple days before I was due on. Did a test and it was negative. I waited another 3 days (couldn't wait ANY longer!!) and it was positive so even if it is negative don't rule it out!!! :)


Woohoo pregnant, but having period like type pains?, I have ate a lot today, bellya bloated plus I have bad hip pain on top so could be light cramps ontop of them pains ??


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