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Signs of labour... And any nOt grown in two weeks.


This may sound daft as I know what people usually say are the first signs of labour...

Loose stools


Mucus plug etc....

But I was wondering what people noticed when labour was close before the mucus plug before the contractions etc... Any changes you noticed in your body?

I'm currently 39+4 and fed up of waiting.

Also I went to my midwife and in the 2 weeks since the last appointment the baby hasn't grown... Is that anything tO worry about?

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I noticed really intense mood swings and irritability (unfortunately everyone noticed it too lol) just before my show started to happen and that continued up until the day before my waters broke x


It's just honestly so unpredictable because every one is different & our bodies also deal with certain type of stresses in different ways.

Irritability id definitely one of the top things but you may also not notice it at all, or just feeling as if you constantly need the toilet even when you've just been.


I've just had my third and with two of them the first sign was waters breaking ( at home thankfully!) but with the other no warning other than contractions!

My baby stopped growing and they chose to induce me at 38/39 weeks

Thanks for the replies, due to baby not growing for 3weeks I'm being induced tomorrow 25th which is my due date. Very exciting.

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