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Hair loss after baby


My hair is falling out for fun, my little girl is 5 months old and the speed I'm losing it is really fast. Anyone have this? How long will it last? Should I be worried? Any advice would be great thank u :-)

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Am sure I replied to a similar post few weeks ago so maybe have a look through older posts hun. But yes I lost my hair in clumps after each of my 3 babies...all to do with hair loss reducing so much whilst pregnant that after baby comes you lose all the extra. I was sure the first time it happened I was going to go bald as literally lost clumps each time I washed or brushed my hair. Settled down eventually though but went on for good few months xxx

Thanks for the reply Hun. My hair keeps clogging the Hoover lol just needed to know it'll settle down, it's been about a month now so still got some time yet xx


This may sound like a silly question but are you feeling or experiencing any sort of stress at the moment ?

I have 1 child & expecting my 2nd in about 3 wks time although ive never experienced any sort of excessive hair loss after the birth of my 1st child I was diagnosed with ante-natal depression during the 1st 4 months.

Do you have any other children ? as I can only imagine tired-ness can also take it's toll on certain parts of the body too.


No I wouldn't say so, first baby and she's very good ;-) possibly a bit of tiredness? Thank for your reply ;-) aww another little one soon congrats x

I lost it by the handful when my eldest was about 6 months. Was certain I 'd end up bald! Don't worry , it'll ease off x

Ahh thank you :-) does feel like am gonna have no hair left tho lol x

Now my baby is 5 months old.... even I am facing this hair loss. I have long hair and now because of hair hair looks thin. Would you advise me to get a shorter haor cut so that it's easy to maintain?

Oh mines long too but quite fine, hoping it'll stay good as I really don't wanna cut it x

Its really normal!! My LO is just coming up to 7months and I've experienced exactly the same. So just had a good hair cut at the weekend and its so much better now. Use it as an excuse to spoil yourself at the hairdressers! Also I thought long hair would be a good idea with a baby as I wouldn't have time to do my hair properly daily but when my LO grabs a handful of hair he means business!!!! So I'm pretty pain free now (and don't have to constantly remove hair from the drain!!) xx

Now that's a good idea, I could do with a pamper and perfect excuse! I know what you mean about the hair grabbing babies just love to do it :-) he he xx

This is what I'm dreading the most. I was losing my hair before I fell pregnant so I know it will be bad for me - got a wig ready!

Tell me about it! My daughter is 6 months now and mine started falling out about 2 months ago. Everytime I wash it I could cry there's that much that comes out but loads of people have told me it's normal. I mentioned it to my hair dresser and she said it can last up to a year and then settle down. I keep my hair tied up now as when it's down it just seems to fall everywhere!!

just feels like there's no end doesn't it! Hopefully it'll settle down soon, surprised to hear how common it is! X

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