Urinary infection in pregnancy?

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and my urine results came back with an infection so im on amoxicillin 250mg 3 times a day for 5 days. I was having symptoms of feeling hot and cold and shivery from a few weeks back but I never thought it might be due to a water infection because I didn't have the usual symptoms ie. Pain in passing urine etc. Has anyone else experienced this and did the infection clear up? Do I have to keep an eye on this and maybe have tests done more regularly?

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  • They can make u feel like that and if u have had it for a while then it's probably got worse if u have a kidney infection then u can feel really poorly. ..the antibiotics should make u feel much better soon...within 48-72 hours if not then make sure u go back to ur g.p... urine infections can be common in pregnancy hope ur better soon :)

  • As your urine is tested at antenatal apps I don't think you would have to have extra tests done and you will probably be very vigilant if you have any future symptoms. Two little tips which you could try to help prevent recurrent infections are garlic capsules and cranberry juice. Both can help reduce the risk of UTIs which as Babymother says are a bit of an occupational hazard for pregnant women!

  • I was a little unsure if my urine would be tested every midwife appointment so thanks for that. I've got another appointment next Friday and hoping it would be cleared up by then. I haven't had an infection for years but in the past this has been a problem with me and I used to have to take a tablet after each time I had sex as a preventative.

  • Hi I have just finished a course of antibiotics Cefadroxil 500mg 3 times a day, my readings were very high protein in urine and blood, been pregnant 3 times but never had infections I am 16 weeks pregnant I didn't have any signs at all no burning sensation when urinating or pain so I was shocked to learn that I have a UTI ,it's cleared now but the mw said she is not taking any chances and now every time I give a urine sample it will go straight to the lab. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice good luck

  • I'm only 5 +4 weeks and had awful left sided comfort in my lower abdomen and pelvis yesterday and during. Did a dipstick test yesterday which showed small amount of protein but GP didn't want to treat this yet until specimen returned. Cramp Pain got worse last night so rang on call drs and got some antibiotics. Didn't have any burning but was gong to the toilet more frequently. It's so difficult though because its my first pregnancy and you never know what's normal or not.

  • Hi. I had a UTI when I was around 22 weeks (now 37) A bit of protein showed in my urine at routine midwife appt and sent off for tests. Got called into the surgery later that week so my GP could give me a weeks course of amoxicillin. As others have said don't worry as the antibiotics are safe to take if prescribed by GP for this and infections are quite normal for pregnancy at any stage as your bladder is being squeezed into a small space - get the GP or midwife to show you on the plastic pelvis they should have - it makes sense! I was surprised to be told I had a UTI too as no symptoms whatsoever. The midwife checks your urine routinely at every single appt so will pick up any infection going forward. And yes, really important to drink lots of water every day (& cranberry juice can help too) as this helps to prevent it.

  • Hi there. I'm 11 weeks now and just found out I have a uti too following my urine sample being sent off for checking after my midwife booking appointment. Wasn't aware of any infection and haven't had one for years. I've got 500mg Cefalexin capsules to take for a week so that will no doubt sort it. My midwife said she would dip test a urine sample at each visit so that should help pick up anything going forward. Hope you feel better soon :-) Xx

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