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Feeling sick & fed up now!!

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Im hoping this is just one of the many bad days to come but i'll be 37wks pregnant tomorrow & ive being feeling rough all day today.

Sinse this morning Its a miracle I managed to get my son to the school gates due to getting this enormous amount of pressure around my pelvic muscles.

The bathroom has officially become my best friend but worst enemy because I seem to be in it all the time.

Im trying to continue eating little & often but anything I put to my mouth seems to be making me so so nauseous (even though I haven't actually being sick)

My feet feel like "bricks" literally im guessing due to the pressure of the bump I just wanna sleep all the time :-(

I have another growth scan (booked my CMV) due to the under-measurement at my 35 wk ante-natal appointment so im really looking forward to that ( just for that last minute reassurance everything is O.k)

On the plus side im feeling plenty of movement from the baby & im pretty sure she's managed to but herself in the right direction for birth.

As I said im just hoping this is a bad day & I'll see what tomorrow brings.


Anyway hope you & nee arrivals are doing good

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It's the last stretch only a few weeks to go. .. bloody hard thou. ..I feel ur pain! Hopefully it won't be too long for u.. try and rest when u feel rough. .. I've weirdly been feeling great apart from backache in evenings and having crap nights sleep lol x

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Thanks babymother :-)

Its probably meant to be as ive actually managed to sail through this pregnancy with no real bad symptoms so its all gonna catch up with me now!

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I feel for you! During my last few weeks I had terrible swollen feet, ankles and legs and was so fed up.

I was persuaded to go swimming by my husband and the relief was amazing - didn't do much actual swimming though! Well worth the effort, I'd recommend dragging yourself to the pool if you can xx

Not long now chick and you got us (The we love salmon crew) to lean on. Putting this little one to bed now....nite X

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I also meant to say that my midwife told me nausea in the last trimester is very common - much like it is in the first trimester. Largely due to the big increase in hormones so almost like morning sickness.

Hope it subsides soon for you xx

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