Last sweep today

so we will see if it works!!! I have been having a few pre labour symptoms. . Loads of strong tightenings when on ctg they ask me if I can feel them but they aren't painful. .. but I had a really big tightening on Mon went up to 100 in the ctg monitor and lasted about 20 seconds but before I had it I came over all funny like I was going to be sick and I felt my boobs contract like I was going to leak milk. .. never experienced that before and I've had it a few times since!... was on the ctg for over 2 hours yesterday as little mans heart beat kept having decels midwife took the trace to labour Ward in the end cos she was not 100% happy but she said the drs said it was ok. we're see what today brings. . :)


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  • Good luck hun hope little man makes an appearance for you really soon. Is scary when they are not happy on the monitor. Fingers crossed for you that todays sweep starts things rolling xxxx

  • Exciting stuff! Hope your little man gets his bum in gear for a safe and speedy!!!!! Lol xx

  • Good luck I hope that this sweep will be as successful as mine was last Thursday xx

  • Thank you :) x

  • Good luck! Fingers crossed for you :D

  • Oh wow the time has finally arrived. Yay good luck baby mother hopefully I'll get to read your news soon. Thinking of you x

  • Fingers crossed for u, my first sweep didn't work whn I was 40 weeks, but my secon one at 41 weeks worked working 2 hours. I had been getting tightenings and had my show that mornig, went for my sweep at 3pm, went into labor at 5 and had my baby girl at 11am the next morning. So let's hope that it work as good for u x

  • Ohhh I had more of a show yesterday fingers crossed x

  • Good luck :) x

  • Good luck!

  • Good luck hun :) I'm living proof that sweeps do work xx

  • Good luck got my fingers crossed for you x

  • All done having a few periody like pains been running about getting my son's birthday bits I'm so last minute! I'm 3cm dilated now! So come on baby lets get the party started! :)

  • Woo Hoo..................... it's all starting to happen for you hun :-)

  • Go on bubba, do your little best for mama!! x

  • All the best and hope ur little one arrives soon xx

  • That's sounding ppromising...keep up the good work :-)

  • Started having contractions every 10-15 minutes for about an hour and thought wooo this is started getting all excited but they have stopped! :( hopefully they might start up again. ..

  • With my last that happened a repeatedly in the evening (when the children were in bed & I relaxed I reckon) and I started getting in the bath each time - the contractions would then die off - until the night when I got in and they got stronger and stronger and he was born the following day. It worked as a way of decided whether to go to bed or stay up! Sure he will be here soon, hang in there! x

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