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5 and a half weeks being sick

Hi All

My little boy is now 5 weeks old. This week he has started to be sick, he starter off a little bit sick and now he seems to be throwing his bottle up a few hours or straight after he is fed (my husband was a pye baby). I am not sure if I should take him to the doctors, my main worry is that he hasn't had a wee since I fed him this morning at 1 its only 6:30 now but this has never happened before. Any advice would be much appreciated

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Hi I would take your little one to see the GP just to get checked over to be on the safe side. My brothers son had something similar and it turned out he had a condition called Pyloric Stenosis. I know its easy for people to say don't be to worried but you are bound to just call you GPs surgery or if you want take him up to A&E if you don't want to wait until your GP surgery opens for an appointment. hope this helps


This does help thank you, my husband also had the Pyloric Stenosis as a baby so there is a higher chance that our baby could have it.

Thanks again x


Your welcome yes its a hereditary thing that only affects boys so my little boy is being monitored at the moment and he is 5 months as we are not sure if its on my sister-in-law's side of the family or my side so we are being cautious. x


Hi there, my niece had something similar, my sister took her to the doctor and it was the milk that she was having a reaction to.. The doctor gave her the name of a different milk to try and it helped straight away, but she was really glad she had gone to the doctor, to ease her own worries and to make sure it wasnt anything else. Pyloric stenosis can also happen in girls, my mum and sister and neice all had it, so my sister knew what that looked like and thought it might have been that. I would say to see a doctor, to be in the safe side, and to ease your own worries. All the best x


I've taken him to the doctors and they refered me to the hospital they've done a number of tests to rule out pyloric. They think that it could be reflux gave me some advice on how to deal with it. If it doesn't improve by the weekend I am going to change his milk and try that.

Thank you all for your advice x


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