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Struggling with SPD and some odd symptoms

I've had SPD since 16 weeks and naturally it got worse as baby got bigger as I expected it would, I deal with the usual pains and can manage but in past month have been getting numb legs in bed when I sleep. And have like red pressure marks that are there all the time around my bottom hips and thighs in a band all the way around. Is this normal? I'm on aspirin prescribed by the consultant to prevent clotting. But I feel something isn't right, I've struggled to sleep for months with the SPD but now with my legs going numb and achy it's more of less impossible! :( (currently 38weeks 5days)

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An osteopath might be able to help you.


Hello, I can sympathise. I had SPD with both of my babies (4yrs and 6mths old) I had it from roughly the same (4mths). I could only sleep in a semi upright position on my back with about 6/8 pillows behind me (2 in a v shape) and another couple under my knees. I could not lie on my sides or even turn from side to side. I saw an osteo and a physio every week. A good website to look at is THE PELVIC PARTNERSHIP ORG. I won't go into details of my SPDas everyone is different but I would get back to your gp for some more help but unfortunately not a great deal is known about it. I will say that I had one natural birth and one c-section and the latter was most definitely the best, but my SPD was very severe. SPD seems to come in many guises and levels of severity so I hope yours is not too bad. Have a look at the website and good luck x


I have has this since about 26 weeks (currently 33+5). I asked my midwife for help twice and was told there was nothing that could be done. I also asked my nurse at the GP practice and got the same response. When I spoke to my GP I eventually got a referral for physio and have since had one appointment with the physio and have another booked. My boyfriend also booked me to see a provate osteopath a couple of weeks ago. Seeing that you haven't got much time left and you are suffering so much I would see your GP but also try to see an osteopath - one who specialises in pregnancy if you can. The advice and treatment I have received haven't stopped the pain, but they have definitely helped me manage it.

I wish you all the best for getting it sorted. x


Also I meant to say the numbness could be a nerve being pressed on but you need to get this looked at by someone who knows.

If you plan to have a natural birth I've been advised to cut a piece of string showing your range of movement (in opening your legs) prior to labour so that if they numb you they know how much you can move without damaging yourself.


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