16 weeks pregnant doctors told me will need many C section due to what happened at my last delivery

I gave birth to my son 5 years ago weighing 4kg didn't know he was that big, his shoulder was stuck so the midwifes decided to break his collar bone to get him out as his heart beat was dramatically dropping, I know I still have a long way to go before I make my decision, but what do you think dear mums???

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  • Has the consultant said that to u? Is that ur only child? I've had 4 and the one who was an emergency section was 9lb10 but all my others have been pretty average. .. they don't know what happened so really they should keep an eye on baby and if they think he/she is going to be big then def go for the section. Shoulder dystocia is not something I'd want to take a risk with again. ...I read somewhere the other day that if baby is over 8.8lb then u should have another section. . Don't know how true it is but def discuss with ur consultant

  • This is actually my 4th child the consultant suspects that I might have developed gestational diabetes which caused my son to be that big, his sisters were average i know I have to do what is best for the baby,at the same time I might not have another big baby so the c section will be for nothing

  • They thought I had gd with my daughter but I didn't. ... think all u can do is see how u go if they think baby is big towards the end of ur pregnancy then opt for the section bit if not they may be happy for u to have a vbac I've had 2vbacs and this will be my third one but I've always said if baby is big then I'll opt for a section again as it puts more strain on ur scar with a risk of it rupturing. ... I'm suprised they have said this so early on but def one for u to discuss with ur consultant.... they obviously want What's best for u and baby but yes i seewhat u mean think u have to see how u go all the best :)

  • Thanks Babymother, can they really tell if the baby is big? If so how come they missed it with my son?? I have even chose another hospital to avoid the same situation hopefully they will do a better job this time.

  • Hey, i had my little boy in july and he got shoulder dystoria too.He was measuring big throughout the pregnancy and i was tested for diabetes but was fine. As he was my first my care plan didn't change, which is why he was natural delivery. I had reviews discussing it with my consultant after. They told me that your chances of having shoulder dystoria in another pregnancy dramatically increases if you have had it once. Also they told me it is generally unrelated to the size of the baby- even though my boy was 9lb 6oz. They told me then my options next time would be an early induction to try and lessen the chance or a c-section. Although i have heard other consultants suggest the c-secton regardless

    Personally I still hope for a natural birth, because i found the labour ok apart from the end. Buy then again i worry if i went down this route and it happened again I would feel so bad. I dont have to make this decision yet as not planning my next pregnancy for a year or two but I really feel for your dilemma x

  • Hello, my 2nd was a big baby & was shoulder dystocia. When I was pregnant with my 3rd I was consultant led at the hospital & he said I had to have a growth scan at 36w & if the baby was measuring 4kg or above then I would need a c-sec. If it was measuring smaller then thy would induce me at 37weeks. Unfortunately for me my waters went at 31w so never had to go through the process & had a section. If u can avoid it & be induced early I wud go for that as c-sec r horrible after but if thy advise u thats the safest option then u have jst got to take thr advise.

  • Thanks CarolineDarz and Megzey it's good to hear your feedback , to be honest I neither want a C-section nor early induction finger crossed things will go smoothly this time ...

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