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Car seats for twins - confusion - please help!


Please can someone help. We have been looking at getting car seats in advance of our twin arrivals. We don't have a huge budget and thought Kiddicare's Latitude SP Car Seat - Stripe ( ... 8048_10001) seems to tick all the boxes, of lasting a while (up to 4 years approx), being comfortable for the babies and having washable pads etc. However, there appears to be no handle for lifting the seat out (presumably it's too heavy in general) of the car?

Please could someone let us know if you found being able to carry your little ones from the car very useful, or if it was more hassel. If you didn't carry them out of the car in the seat, how did you transport them in general - using a buggy, or slings?

Any thoughts about the above and/or suggestions for good car seats at a reasonable price would be much appreciated.

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Just had a look and the car seat you are looking at starts off being rear facing but then can be turned to forward facing so will last baby(or in your case babies) a lot longer. I have used a car seat like this for my second child as they were quite common in Australia where I lived at the time and have to admit after two weeks I went out and bought a normal newborn carseat so that we could lift her in and out of the car. The thing I found hardest about the fixed carseat was that my daughter would almost always go to sleep in the car and then I would have to unsettle her every time we stopped to take her out of the carseat. With a carseat you can lift in and out they can stay asleep, usually if we were arriving home I would carry her inside in the carseat then transfer her straight to her moses basket/cot as I didn't like her sleeping in the carseat for too long however if out and about the carseat fitted on the pram base I had and therefore if I wasn't going to be too long I would leave her in carseat and put that on the pram.

It is however individual choice and also depends on what type of pram you are thinking of buying. Good luck with it so many different car seats out there it is all a bit mind boggling xxxx

One mum of twins I met had chosen the lightest car seat available-when you are carrying 2 it makes a lot of sense.


I only hav one but my son always falls asleep in the car which is sometimes a god send and too hav to wake him to get him out wud annoy me as bumpnumber4 said. Hav u considered getting seats tht clip onto a pushchair for the first few months? There r so many options but personally I wud leave the stay in carseats for a while x

I found having a newborn carseat with a handle that you can just take in and out of the car invaluable. In fact, really missed it when she had to go into a bigger fixed seat lol!! x

Thanks for all your suggestions. It does seem that one you can carry is more preferable, we'll just have to consider hard. :)

Just one thing to note, it is generally recommended not to have newborns/young babies in car seats for more than 1-2hrs at a time due to their spine development. They are best lying flat. I received this info from physios and midwife.

Thanks Caroline. I'd heard something about this. Not intending to have them in their seats long, just enough for a quick nap for them & wondered the easiest way to get them in the house - but useful advice - thanks.

an infant car seat with a handle would be the right choice.. Like everyone here said.. they are really convenient for you as well as the baby!:) Choosing the right one is definitely a mind boggling task.. You can try to find the one that best suits your needs by visiting

Hope this would help:)

Thanks for this

:) Britax B-Safe Infant Car Seat would be an excellent choice for you and it isn't very expensive either.. Maxi-Cosi Mico and Chicco Snugfit would be great too! Actually, I did a little search myself and came up with these options :

So you have plenty of great choices there to decide from:)

Here are the links to the official sites of the seats I recommended:

There you go!:)

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