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I am 28+4 weeks and have two large blood clots on my lungs have been there since i was 9 weeks pregnant. I have to inject my tummy twice a

Day with clexane a blood thinner to stop any more clots.i still am very breathless and cant speak when i reach the top of the stairsand get very breathless doing the smallest of things ie getting dressed.does anyone else have a pe like me and if so are you still suffering with the above and getting stabbing pains in the chest.

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I used clexane throughout my pregnancy due to other medical issues, I did get a bit more breathless as my pregnancy progressed, but if you're worried I'd phone your midwife/consultant to reassure you. Good luck xxx


Thanks Alison for the reply my consultant says my symtoms should have gone by now and that they cant under stand why there not . I am even being studied by the blood clinic now as well im at the hospital every week nearly seeing some consultant .oh well onwards and upwards only eleven and a bit weeks until i meet my little girl.thn 3 more months of clexane injections then hopfully i will be better x


Hi there, I had an extensive iliofemoral DVT at 10 weeks, I had catheter thrombolysis treatment which cleared the clot, had a stent and IVC filter placed and have been on fragmin ever since. Turned out I have a structural anomaly in my vascular system, namely May Thurners syndrome, and a long haul flight coinciding with falling pregnant and the joys of morning sickness, being overweight and dehydrated put me in a perfect storm situation for a DVT.

I have noticed that I am more breathless since but as the scans to find PE are so intrusive (its bad enough the thromolysis was x ray led) it was decided that investigation would be more harmful than good as I was on treatment anyway. I have read somewhere that PE can cause tissue damage in the lungs but I can't be sure this isn't speculative. I would stand to reason that it does take time to recover though and don't forget that pregnancy has a massive demand on the body anyway, so that's added time on top.

I do think that some of it is down to the way that I breath and my decreased level of fitness, because I've had no problems swimming just lugging my carcass about on dry land which is harder when you get bigger! I'm looking forward to increasing my low impact activity (walking more) once I've had the baby and I'm sure that shedding the extra weight will work wonders too.

The best news I can give you is that for the most part my pregnancy has been trouble free up until this last week where it has now been established that my baby hasn't gained as much weight as expected over the last 3-4 weeks and is relatively small for term. Apparently its one of those things and I don't know if its related to my treatment, however considering my last child was 9lb 7oz I'm a little relieved.

I'm due to be induced on friday when I'm 39+4 partly due to baby size and also to manage my bloodthinners. I think in the main part it is important to listen to how your body is feeling and I definitely recommend exercising in water. I can't wait to get swimming properly again. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy :)



I forgot to mention yesterday that I'm also supposed to wear compression hosiery as well. I don't at the moment, because I'm waiting on new stockings (so sexy! (not)). However I know the difference in my chest and energy when I don't wear the compression tights as these encourage healthy return blood flow. During late pregnancy the volume of blood increases and flow is slower so any support for the vascular system is good.

This additional fluid could be another factor why you are not feeling much better so if you don't have compression stockings I suggest you ask the GP for a referral and get measured as soon as you can :)


Thanks you have been very helpful i have found also since i have been unwell i have lost loads of weight have you had anything like that .


Not really, its hard to say I haven't gained as much weight with this pregnancy as the other 2 and I do eat like a horse so maybe I should but I'm not. It did take me a long time to start gaining weight it took until 20 weeks for me to stop being sick :)


Well we both wont have much to loose then i know baby is growing ok midwive says if she keeps up the growth rate she will be a good eight pounder .


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