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35 weeks and sickness is worse than ever! Rant :(

So im 35 weeks now and whereas ive struggled with sickness 4/5 times a day since 6 weeks (with the exception of a few nice sick free days) its starting to get worse now, unbearable infact! im still working and have quite an active job. but over the past few days iv been throwing up everytime i stand up and even when lying down. i just cant get round it! and cant keep anything down, its making me exhausted especially while working and looking after my house cleaning cooking ect. I dont wish an early baby on anyone but wish he would just come out now, im fed up, in pain and feeling sorry for myself! Just dont know what to do.

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Oh no :(

Even though it sounds absolutely terrible (as I hate being sick) I'd think now would be a good time to be on maternity leave.

it is common for some pregnant women to get what seems like a "repeat" of sickness in the last stages of pregnancy ( just like the beginning) but usually not too severe.

Have you had a chance to discuss this with your Community midwife as she could possibly prescribe you something which helps the sickness feeling ease off.


Oh I'm really sorry to hear you're going through such a rubbish time. I can't imagine being sick so often. Must be awful. I can't really say anything useful so apologies for that but try and stay strong now....not too long to go. And as suggested above perhaps it may be time for maternity leave? That way you can get some extra rest and hopefully feel a bit better. Good luck with it all xx


These are ur last few weeks where u can relax and put ur feet up, and it sounds like u need to! poor u, i had horrible morning sickness in the early days, thankfully mine eased off. im now 38 weeks and i have been feeling sick before bedtime recently but havent actually been sick. I would do as suggested above and go on maternity leave! Enjoy ur last few weeks of pregnancy! :)


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