Eventful morning

Went to hosp today for my sweep they piped me on the monitor and he wasn't moving although had good heart beat. .. had a big tightening and his heart rate dramatically dropped.... called the midwife and she got me to lay on my left side. .. and it started to go back to normal. .. but she wasn't happy and called the dr.. the dr said that she was slighty concerned and was umming and arring about inducing me today but because he had picked up and had woken up and was moving ok now she wanted to double check with her senior dr because she said it would be better for me to go into to labour naturally. .. so she checked with her senior who agreed and I have to go back tmw for another ctg but if he isn't moving much have to back today. ..I don't care about being induced I just want him out safe and sound! This little man is worrying his mummy :(

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  • Oh hun! What a worry. Bet you cant wait to have him safe in your arms xx

  • Feel really emotional about it now. .. just spoke to my consultant she wants me to go back for another ctg today and she said she will see me after her clinic just so worried about him :(

  • I bet you are. Can only imagine :-( sounds like you have a good consultant and hopefully they will induce you more so you can see that he is well. Keep us posted hun xx

  • Oh hun... You must be so so worried. I know it is easier said than done but try and stay calm. The good thing is they are being good and attentive with you in the hospital. Who knows you might be holding your baby in your arms sooner than you anticipated?! Im sure they drs will look after both of you.

    God bless you both...stay in touch (as much as possible)


  • Ah Hun, hopefully they just induce u n get him here, I'm sure he b fine, will b thinking of u xx

  • Consultant came to see me said the other ctg was reassuring and she would never take any risks and she wants me to have a ctg every day and she will see me on thurs was having some very good tightenings which she said were good feel more reassured but the thought of waiting til after the wkd and my consultant is on holiday makes me feel uneasy just hope he comes before then but my cervix is unchanged so not looking good she said she doesn't want to induce me now because if my body isn't ready I'll end up having a section anyway. ..he has been moving lovely since. .. loves to keep giving me a scare. .. just as long as he is ok is all I care about

  • Ah what a difficult time for you. I really hope all is well and those tightenings start to do the job soon. Thinking of you x

  • sounds stressful. but promising that he'll be here soon. Take Care x

  • Oh my.... this little boy of yours is worrying us all too. Wish he would make an appearance so I can hear you talk about about lack of sleep or colic but being happy and reassured that he is healthy and well. you have not had an easy time at all.

    Fingers crossed he will be here real soon. xx

  • Thank you guys same here! Can't wait! Then I can breathe a sigh of relief! X

  • At least thy r keeping a close eye on you both, the hospital wouldn't leave anything to chance if thy thought thr was a problem. Keep us posted & take it easy.

  • They had me on the monitor for over 2 hours today as his heart rate kept dropping to 100-110... the midwife took the trace to the labour Ward cos she wasn't 100% happy but the drs said it was ok. .. just want him to come out! Had another show this afternoon so maybe things are starting everyday I have good tightenings that show up but they are not painful. ..I don't think they are with me til my waters go. .

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