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HELP!! I need reassurance!

I know that you should have cooler baths when pregnant, but have been reading this weekend that if your baths are too hot (if you go red or sweat) that your baby can overheat and that in turn can lead to spina bifida etc etc ...Now i am in a panic as i know that i have had a few baths that were probably a bit too hot, one i got out of and i was quite red and another i sat in for a long while but was cooler but then felt a bit sick/dizzy after. I know i sound an idiot and have been trying to keep them a bit cooler but now i'm worrying that some of them may have been too hot and i might have damaged my beautiful baby. I am 17 wks pregnant, please can you give me some advice - i'm very worried!!!!!

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Hi Heegy

Please try not to worry too much as I believe most of this information found on-line & in many pregnancy books are just for putting a sense of fear in our heads these days.

Im sure you wouldn't have "purposely" got in a steaming hot bath as it would also be extremely uncomfortable for you without allowing the baby to overheat.



I have just spoken to a lovely doctor who told me to stop reading these websites - she said the only thing a hot bath will do is make me dizzy as my blood pressure is lower than normal but it will not harm the baby-i'm so relieved!!! thanks Abenaa for your kind words xx


I would say the same. I am pretty sure my baths were too hot most of the time (especially if, looking into it over 38 degrees is too hot! - might be worth running one that temp and seeing if it feels way cooler than you are used to?) we live in a cold house and running a warm bath means that within 10 minutes you are sitting in a cold bath! I also had no idea of the risks in my first pregnancy and got in a hot tub (then found out and worried myself sick). There is an increased risk of malformation as you have discovered - I can't claim that there isn't but for all of us there are things we do in our pregnancies unwittingly (like my friend who, having tried with enormous care to concieve for over 10 years finally did during a trip to france on which she drank buckets of red wine and ate camenbert continuously and came back terrified) which carry some sort of risk. There are environmental risks, like polution that we can do nothing about and there are probably risks science hasn't discovered yet - overall, we can drive ourselves completely crazy. The research into hot baths in pregnancy show that defects are more common where hot baths are used regularly (rather than one or two here or there) and where the heat is sustained (which is the prob with hot tubs) as opposed to cooling down. The risk is really about the time that the neural tube is forming too so after the first trimester the risk seems to drop. I realize that you might be thinking of a time before that and maybe all that will put your mind completely at rest is your 20 weeks scan when your sonographer will look for anomalies but do try not to drive yourself crazy until then, you are doing your best for your baby. x

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Ah not worry! I had boiling hot baths every day and have a perfect healthy little boy! :) if we all took everything we read online and in books for truth we would never leave the house, wrap up in cotton wool and barely eat a thing! Can't do this can't do that! No wonder most women hate pregnancy! Enjoy this beautiful time in your life! X

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Please dont worry too much, There was an article on the news the other day about how eating microwaved or canned foods are bad for pregnant women too.

They really need to think about how the STRESS of such articles have on pregnancy, I am sure we are at more risk from stress and anxiety of the thought that we may harm our unborn babies than the actual risk they are warning us about if that makes sense? lol

Anyway my point is, I have always had hot baths and I have four very healthy children my youngest being only 5 days old.

Hope you feel better x


Well said bubbag!


Oh thanks so much ladies - you have all made me feel so much better!!!! :-)


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