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Urrrrggh! Thrush at 36+ wks of pregnancy

Good morning Ladies

So here i am within the last few "grueling" stages of pregnancy & I keep getting this recurring bout of thrush.

My CMV was great and gave me a "Canestan pessary & cream pack at my last ante-natal appointment (35wks), but it's somehow managed to make a comeback.

Ive being trying to keep the area as dry & clean as possible but that's a bit hard to do when it seems as if the baby is pushing down on my bladder for most of the day.

Im pretty sure she's engaged now & I just can't wait for her to be here now :)

Do you think I should I go to my G.P & ask for another Canestan pack?

Does anyone have any home remedies I could maybe try as it can be a bit of a hassle to get a G.P appointment at my surgery these days.


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Yes def I had to use 2 pessaries... so def get dr to prescribe a couple and the cream. .. I find the soft gel pessary better as the tablet never seems to dissolve properly inside me :)


Not sure if your gps is the same but with ours sometimes you can just ring and explain to the receptionist and see if you could get a prescription written out that you could just pick up, worth a try.

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That's true :)

I may be able to do that thanks Xanon



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