Well guess i wont be wathcing disney films anytime soon!

Well after watching hercules earlier, aladdin yesterday and brother bear few days ago i think its best if i dont watch disney/animated films! I have never cried so much in my life! I couldnt even tell you why i was so emotional, guess its the hormones lol.

Currently 25 weeks and 6 days, and my bump is starting to get huge (and uncomfortable!), baby is moving like crazy! God knows whas going on in there haha.

Still working, although people are saying by December (due in january) i should stop, although i want to stop when i feel ready. And my boobs... Well they have never been so sensitive, even on my period! The joys of pregnancy see!


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18 Replies

  • If you are that emotional, for the love of God do not watch Dumbo! Kills me everytime....even when I'm not pregnant haha!

  • Haha i havent seen it yet... Dunno if i dare!

  • Or bambi!! X

  • Ah bambi bored me lol x

  • Lol I went thru that.... not good stay away from Disney lol x

  • Or lion king...mufassa dying kills me all the time. U stop working when u feel ready. I stopped on aug 17th and was due the 7th sept...he came on the 10th. Just take each month at a time. X

  • Lion king....another killer! And beauty and the beast when they lock up the old man and stuff. Oh the tears! x

  • O yeah lion king is awful to watch now! Cant hold back the tears!

  • Beauty and the beast is my favourite, but now... I cant see when the beast gets beat up :(

  • Not a Disney film but the pursuit of happiness with will Smith. .. just saw a clip of it I booed thru most of that film... brilliant thou x

  • The one that gets me going every time I watch is 'Up', and that was even before I became pregnant. That film should come with some kind of warning :-)

  • No! The land before time I cry like some one beat mi...lol

  • Finding nemo - the start!!! His mother gets killed then your supposed to enjoy the rest of the film??? All Disney should come with warnings. How did our parents let us watch them when we were little? Have to say it was when watching winnie the pooh and cried because Tigger was momentarily told he could never bounce again I KNEW was time to avoid Disney for a while lol x

  • Oh Yh!! I'm sorry but rabbit is such a b*****d! Poor Tigger. That was deep. It didn't last long but it was just not nice to watch lol x

  • And in the Winnie the Pooh film he purposely loses Tigger in the woods! What a meanie!

  • haha you are so right about rabbit. No wonder no one says he's their favourite!!! x

  • It's pretty safe to say there is NO disney film which you can watch without having a bit of a cry but don't watch Marley and me either i cried so much BEFORE i was pregnant!!

  • Homeward bound the end is possibly the most traumatic film ever. ..I dont even need to be pregnant to get ipset at tht.

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