Ok. Should be simple. Anyone had to register child without the form should get from the hosp with your discharge notes? If so how do you do it? We were told was in my notes but when got home wasn't there. Asked midwife when were out and they were supposed to be sending one out. Now we no longer under midwife and still no form! Would really like to get John registered asap. Anyone else had this prob? x


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  • Hi hun.i wouldn't worry too much when you call to put appt with registrar explain that you weren't given form and it shouldn't be a problem.i dont think we used ours in end anyway. Dont forget if you aren't married you both need to go:-) xx

  • Ok thanks. That's good. Yeah we def both need to go, think OH can't wait to have baby in his name x

  • Aww :-) carrying on the family name ;-) xx

  • I didn't need anything but my red book to register James. Even then they didn't look at it lol x

  • Must depend on where you live! When I made the appointment I was told I had to have discharge from or they wouldn't be able to do it!! Sheffield must be strict!! :o$

  • Oh wow! I was surprised that they were so chilled at my place to be honest lol. Maybe I got a lazy one lol x

  • HA wish mine were lazy! She was so pedantic! Asked where hubby was born, said I'm 99% sure it's chesterfield, she said 99% isn't good enough and had me call him to confirm!! X

  • Given she could end up in prison if the details are not recorded correctly, may be not so pedantic...

  • Lol. Ours was easy as we were both born in the same hospital in leytonstone so didn't even hesitate lol. xx

  • I didnt need anything although I took the form as it said too but no didnt need anything to register but am sure when u ring up to get an appt to register u can just ask if u need to bring anything coz by the looks of things different parts of the country needs different things. X

  • I was told to take my red book and discharge notes when we got our daughter registered and the registrar asked us for neither of them xx

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