Help need sleep!!!

Hi everyone sorry to moan but I am completely exhausted my little lady is keeping me up all night and I have no idea how to get her to settle! Last night I put her down at 9ish she was fast asleep but by 10.30pm she was hungry so gave her a feed she then was awake till 4.45am in the morning with no let up she strains for hours like she needs a number 2 I try winding her doin bicycle legs changing her position but nothing works she just gets mire frustrated I feed her several times in this period thinking maybe she's still hungry she feeds but doesn't settle just crys n wriggles around kicking her legs around! Any advise really appreciated iv run out of ideas! Rant over xxxx

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How old is she? My mum suggested I used gripe water for my LO as she had been having quite a bit of stomach ache and was just sobbing for hours. We tried the boots stuff but only original gripe water worked. Within ten mins of having it on a few occasions she was fast on. The only problem with em being up is tha they get overtired then and it's even harder to settle em! I felt really sorry for my LO as she's slept well at night since I brought her home so it was really not like her. I've tried massages and warm baths too but gripe water seems to be the winner! Sorry for the essay! Hope it helps x

Thank you I will give gripe water a go I have tried infacol but doesn't seem to help it just makes me so sad coz u can c her little eyes r so tired but she just crys n crys :(

Ow n shes just under 2 weeks can they use gripe water at the age or do they need to b older?

Are you breastfeeding her Hun or bottle. If breast they should feed every two hours during first 6-8 weeks. If bottle it may be the milk your .on dosnt agree with her I always used aptimal as its closer to breast milk. Gripe water does wonders and bycycle legs nd good too ..... Sorry should have read all way down. EBF babies rarely get much wind , I'm told but I noticed that when I eat lots of weetabix or shreddies with full fat milk and also peas baby ha terrible wind. Track what you eat nd slowly windless it own. Hope you get some relief soon x

Thank u I have been increasing her infacol n does seem to be helping a bit looked at gripe water but says not to use till 1 mnth old n shes only 2 weeks so will have to hold out on that one will try bicycle legs x

My mum suggested gripe water too as did HV or some other colic thing (cant remember name now - typical) just a drop before a feed. We haven't had to use yet as our LO's stomach seems to be settling more but will be trying if he does get to upset. Hope you get her settled soon, horrible seeing them in pain x

My LO has infacol before every feed too even though she's EBF . I tries to take her off it but she ended up in a state still having wind by the time it was her next feed so she wasn't sleeping. Thgripe waters worth a try. I rang hv and she said oh it'll be colic. The next day she has a massive poo and was fine afterwards. They wouldn't take it that I'm her mum abd knew she had belly ache! They have to be 4 weeks. Have you tried giving your LO 2 droppers of infacol for a few days and see if that makes any difference. Is she pooing regularly?

Yeah she poos quite a lot but i sure its a poo she needs when she gets in state not wind coz she straightens and bends her legs n squirms around n some times she burps while doing it last night! After about 4 hours she did do a massive poo but think she was to worked up by that point does infacol help with number 2 situ or is it just top end?

P.s. sorry to sound stupid but what does ebf mean?

exclusively breast fed, def not a stupid question. I've had midwives out most days and could only tell you name of one! x

Haha thank u that makes sense think my brain is mush from lack of sleep my little monster is ebf to :)

Apparently infacol can send wind either way. From about 3 weeks old my little girl stopped pooing as much, like once every 3 days but by the time she pood she was really uncomfortable. It's not been 11 days, she had her rotavirus stuff and is now on lactulose and is so uncomfortable bless her. Not looking forward to that nappy lol. Have you tried laying her totally flat for a few mins too then trying to wind her again. Sometimes just releases a bit of trapped wind. It's awful when they're so little cos you can't give em anything isn't it. My LO 9 weeks tomorrow it's gone so quick!

I've found that cool boiled water helps my baby with the poo situation. He really loves water as well so that's a bonus. He is on infacol on every feed as he's 5 weeks now and was too young for gripe water when he started having his problems at 2 weeks x

I hav been where u hav been and its little man has hot colic so hav just introduced gripe does say frm 1 month. It seems to hav helped although still get patches of screaming but not tht bad. ..its just hard when u cant console them. I hav found tht when hes worked up I get him calm and get him in the bath and it seems to relax him...maybe try with ur daughter. ..I get in with my son and he pretty much falls asleep on me. U cud also try some cool boiled water...giv it to her through a syringe or pippet thing. Xx

We had no relief at all from Infacol or Gripe Water. Colief however - liquid joy!!

If ur bottle feeding them def look into colief. ..I looked into before but because I was breastfeeding I wasnt sure how to add it into the feeding regime. ..x

I'm breast feeding so prob have same issue with colief :(

Different things work for different people

Yeah just goin to have to have bit of trial n error I'm willing to give anything ago just hate cing little angel so sad :(

It's so hard. .. and so horrible seeing them uncomfortable. .. hope u find something that helps soon x

Thanks me to x

hi there......i also tried gripe water and infacol with my babies none of them works....i got colic crystals from chemist behind the counter ask pharmisist.....sounds silly but you lick your finger turn bottle upside down shake and whats on your finger you put in babies mouth and within hours babies seem to settle....worked wonders with my three kids.hope this helps....

Thank u I will have a look

If you have a baby sling try carrying her in that during the day. At less than two weeks old I wouldn't be expecting a full nights sleep yet! She's still tiny and needs almost constant contact with the one person she's only ever known. It is hard work but I promise it does get better! One suggestion I'd give is try co-sleeping with her. Since your LO is ebf maybe try sidecar-ing the cot to your bed. If the base of the cot is on the same level as your bed this is easy to do simply by removing one side of the cot and pushing it right up to the side of your bed. I did this with my youngest and tied the cot to the bed frame to stop it moving too much. Any gaps can be filled with a tightly rolled sheet put the opposite side (push the cot mattress right up to the edge of your mattress - less chance of gapping) Having a cot sidecar-ed to the bed like this means you can easily feed you LO while she stays in her cot. This way you both can get some sleep (you get more sleep this way than you might think!)

During the day, if you've got her in a sling (try a moby wrap, they re AMAZING!) you'll be keeping her close to you and, depending on the wrap style, also more upright. This will help her digestion and, as everyone knows, anything lighter than its surroundings generally goes up! (Expect loads of baby burping if she does suffer with gas a lot!) Also, as she's constantly next to you, she'll relax more and that can only be a good thing.

If you're still suffering with problems speak to a LLL group, they should be able to help a lot more. There may be things in your diet that are making gas pains worse or you may want to try different feeding positions, the only way to work this out is trial and error. You're at the start of a journey that you and your daughter are taking, don't be hard on yourself, you're both still learning, try to relax, as for help from family and friends and enjoy your babymoon - you've waited long enough for it!

We also use colief. Gripe water & infacol didn't help my boy but colief has made a massive difference. He is EBF. It is a bit of a pain as I have to express to give 2 tablespoons of milk with the colief (via syringe) before his feed and it is very expensive but definitely worth it. Our dr now prescribes it... He still strains and grunts but less often and is not crying with it, it also doesn't disturb his sleep like I used to.

Is your little ones stomach very bloated as that is a definite symptom. If it is a "transient lactase deficiency" it will get better by itself by wk12ish... You will now within 1 day of using colief if that is your problem!

Good luck & hold in there, it gets easier! X

Try avoiding spicy or strongly favoured food. When I ate a spicy chilli cheese I had the same problems with my little one that you're having now

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