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Day 10 in baby John's house (or rather we have a new boss)

Day 10 in baby John's house (or rather we have a new boss)

So we have a few new rules in our house.

1. all mummy and daddy clothes must be covered in either pee or sick (if they ignore this rule then a poo will do the trick)

2. the washing machine is for baby clothes only (If they manage a grown up wash make more mess so need anther baby wash on)

3. Stick to a routine (grownups learn better through routine - if they try to change it scream for four hours straight and they won't do again)

4. Baby rules!!!

Yes, we are very well and truly being trained. On saying that can't complain on baby front to much. We've only had 2 totally sleepless nights. He's also learnt to attention seek already, and when he wants fed we now get the cough cough which any actor could be proud of. On saying that think spent first few days in permanent panic. Thank goodness for midwives calling and being available on the phone so can ask them all the questions you need even if seem silly.

Having a last ditch attempt to keep up bf as been to physio and they won't even examine me at mo because would put me in even more pain. So back on cocodamol which is supposedly safe with bf as long as a long enough gap between taking and a feed. When your feeding on demand that's hard to do. Esp when he's going through growth spurts every other day. Midwives have suggested we transfer onto formula as would be easier on me and would mean daddy could take over some of night feeds as feeding in bed is hardest time. Said we'll give expressing a go first. Hopefully that will give me a break enough to help get pain down enough to be fixed, or at least managed. happy as I am is very upsetting when you can't push your own pram or even on bad days carry your own child to be changed. Still could be so much worse and have the most laid back baby who seems to have read the manual on dealing with first time parents. Can't believe how much he's grown already! He didn't even lose weight after birth and his hands and feet are huge so won't be long before I'm once more the shortest of the family, oh well lol. Anyway, general ramble over. Going to work out this breast pump now. Boyfriend will be happy, I'm sure he's been wanting to be mummy so we'll see how excited he is he gets to feed. Hope you all well x

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Oooo what a lil munchkin!

Sorry to hear your still in pain :-( hope things improve for you soon! Xx


Thanks. It's just one of those things. fingers crossed not permanent as OH back at work in a week (which is good cos he's driving me crackers asking if I'm ok all the time lol) as I'll not have help right there when need it. Hopefully will improve enough for physio to start helping wed. In mean time fighting with the breast pump, and baby john (we going to have to get a better nickname as his dad, grandad and great grandad all Johns - can't really call him baby John when he's 18 lol) isn't keen on the bottle, and daddy found not so easy to feed (after 5 mins fighting got him given back) but we'll try again today. Do one more normal feed then take painkillers again x


He's so cute!!!loved reading your post. Its good to know that not only i go through the same thing.our baby girl rules the house and i can only imagine what its gonna be like in few years time!love her so much ❤️ And when she wants attention she coughs as well!babies are so clever!:)


Lol, They def clever. Do you think they have meeting when we're asleep to discuss best attention seeking methods? :) sure I lose hours watching him. Know he's gonna be spoilt rotten, esp as he's even cuter than I expected. Mentioned that the other day to one of his great granny's and think she took it as a dig rather than a comment from response got. Ignored as seems I'm upsetting everyone (except his 2 grannys and 1 grandad) by not doing anything at all so given up as a bad job and just doing own thing. We're happy and that's what counts! Latest thing we have now though is tears and a big pet lip. Feel so bad when he does it as is when has to have a bottle feed instead. Only started giving it him yest and he's already guilt tripping me! What chance do I have when he's older??? lol x


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