Is lower backpain a sign of labour/due to back to back baby?

I have lower back pain and I had pain also around my stomach. This happened on and off. Im also having pains today in my lower back. Is this because my baby is back to back or because Im in early labour? I never had a back to back baby experience before. So Im confused. Does anyone know why Im having this pain?Btw Im 39 weeks + 3 days pregnant today

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  • Sounds like ur in early labour to me! Keep an eye on the pains and write them down when u feel like they are coming regularly....u may feel that they are just sporadic for a few days...or it can all of a sudden become regular but keep active and good luck :)

  • The pain is on and off. Its not regular pain. I was so much pain yesterday I find it hard to get son from school. I hope this early labour as I really want a vbac. Even though I have 2 more children. I wasnt sure because my cm said lower pain is a sign of back to back baby

  • But also having mild around my stomach area. So fingers crossedX

  • It can be a sign of back to back but your CM should be able to tell you about position. Are you feeling kicks acutely as if feet are pressing into your tummy or a more general 'lurching' feeling with babies bum sticking out of your bump? As baby mother suggests try keeping a record of what is going on and see if there's a pattern. The thing about back to back babies is that they often come with runs of contractions which seem like 'this is it' then tail off, but of course that can happen in any pregnancy. If you think this is what is happening you could look at info on turning baby round (spinning babies website has a section) but don't despair back to back babies still get themselves born and the contractions are actually helping to open the cervix up slowly. The chances are (if s/he is b to b) the runs of contractions will gradually build up and become full on labour and at some point during prelabour or labour baby will turn around, most sort themselves out and even if they don't I know there are ladies on here who have given birth to back to back babies. Stay positive - see if your CM can tell you about your babies position for certain if you are seeing her - there's no harm in spending time on hands and knees anyhow - the idea is that baby's weight will swing him or her round into your tummy.

  • Hi hun my second baby was born back to back, ,we didn't know he was until he came out looking up! Lol good luck hope things are going well for you and things are happening xx

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