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39+2 painful piles!

Hi! I've suffered from a small cluster of piles throughout my pregnancy. Until now I have managed to keep them under control with anusol. However, during the last couple of days they have really swelled up and are agony - anusol is not helping. Anyone got any tips?! I'm also feeling a bit embarrassed as I know the midwives will see them when I'm in labour. I'm also terrified about pushing. But I guess the midwives are used to this sort of thing, right?

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I hear u! Salt baths are helpful for some reason. ... and if they are really bad I know this sounds gross but I read it on the Internet and it really works by putting a melted icecube up ur bottom obviously let it melt so it's small enough but it really helps to shrink them also go to ur g.p and ask for xyloproct I think it's called it has a steroid and numbing agent in it. ..anusol has never helped me. ...u need to get them under control before u go into labour and make sure u take ur creams to hospital and u can take paracetamol.... try not standing for long periods as gravity and weight of baby puts more pressure on them if u do all these things u can get them much better in 24 hours x


Thanks for the advice! Can't believe how painful these things are! Couldn't get to see my gp today. So hopefully the home remedies help til Monday. . X

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Am sorry to tell you this but labour is going to make them alot worse! :-( And yes the MW's are used to them, my mum was MW Auxiliary Nurse & she told me as much before I laboured as I too suffered & was embarrased about it. Post birth rightly or wrongly I used suppositories & they get better over time when your not carrying so much weight. Moist tissue wipes good to use too xx


if u want relief from piles than follow the treatment as under panchsakar churn from dabur get one table spoon full with warm water at bed time once a day in stage one of piles .in critical stage with pain full piles u can take injection for imediate relief from pain for longtime DCADURABOLINE 50mg with PHENARGAN 3ml mix them in the syringe& take in back side second dose take with in 1 week total 4to 5 dose for complete removel of piles but panchsakar use perday in bed time without intrupption


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