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32 Weeks and Measuring Small

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I had growth scan today at 32 weeks and baby's weight is estamated at 3 pound 12 but there saying this is underweight and Ive had steroids and need to be monitored. How much was other peoples babies weighing at 32 weeks pregnant? Thank you

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I had growth scan just over a week ago at 33 weeks and was told baby was just under 4 and half lbs which would mean a 7-8lb baby at full term. So you are not far off at all.

Im seeing midwife tomorrow so I hope I measure normal size now. As last time my belly hadn't grown at all :-)

Did your baby measure small or is baby just underweight?

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They said small but when ive looked at growth scans her head, tummy n legs are all are the middle centile but its her actually weight thats low on the 10th centile line so think she's just underweight to what she sound be

At 32 weeks that sounds about right... why did they give u Steriods? Maybe they are thinking of delivering u early? What else did they say?

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I had steroids today and have second lot tomorrow, Its incase they deliever early she said it was better to have the steroids incase to help her lungs. They told me that she is underweight on the 10th centile line. Have to have doppler one week and scan the next to keep a eye on her.

This seems to be a very common situation these days as im 35+wks but im measuring at 34+.

I must admit it sounds a bit extreme to be prescribed steroids though unless your midwife thinks they're maybe a slight problem with your blood.

The usual process with a unborn baby measuring underweight is to be monitored by growth scan's & etc.....

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I was measuring small at my 36 week growth scan but everyone measuring me was getting different measurements, they told me everything was fine but i persisted they rescanned me at 38 weeks and i was measuring 32 weeks, one midwife told me it can be inaccurate by 15% either way, in my case they were pretty bang on when they estimated 5lbs 11oz Ewan was born @ 38 weeks 6 days as i was induced, Ewan is absolutely fine saw the health visitor yesterday and he is now 6lbs at 12 days old when the midwife saw him @ 5 days old they are expected to loose up to 10% of their birth weight, my little greedy guts had gained 2 oz, try not to worry as long as you are feeling plenty of movements

X x x

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Hi. I measured small throughout my entire pregnancy and was going for growth scans pretty much every 2 weeks and weekly towards the end. As long as they are scanning you and keeping an eye on things don't worry. They estimated my little one to be bigger then what she actually was. The measurements aren't always accurate

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Why do you have this scan? I never hsd one and my son was born without worries I think its just useless and now no one has told me about such a scan and mybaby will still be born big or small

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I was told my baby was around 4lb12 at 32 weeks, I had gestational diabetes and was on insulin, so was told he would be b7gger, had another scan at 35 weeks, he was around 5lb 5, so they were worried he hadnt put much on in 3weeks, I then had weekly scans at 36,37 and 38 weeks to check his growth.I had him by planned section at 39 eweeks and he weighed 7 lb 14 oz, even though I had been told to expect a big baby.

Hiya, In my first pregnancy, I was coming up small (2" under what is classed as 'normal' tummy measurement) this continued and they had me scanned at 34 weeks to check baby and everything which turned out to be completely normal and fine. What they don't tell you (or take into account) is the size of the mother/father as this also has in influence on the size of the baby growing, so if you are only 5'2 and hubby is only 5'6 say...... you are not always going to measure up to the 'norm' on the charts. I am 5'3 and hubby 5'7 so I wasn't worried when the midwife was like " Oooh, you a little under the measurements on our charts etc etc" . Even my own mother (who herself is only 5'1 said when she was pregnant (she had 4) she was always 'small', so that just confirmed to me even more, parental size does have an effect on developing baby size too.

And when my baby was born, he still came along the 25th cental measurements (under the 50th (or as they class, the normal range) in development, but then me & his dad aint tall so I don't expect my son to be either :)

Unless a scan confirms otherwise, I would try not to stress or worry to much and keep going as you are :)

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