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Im obese and 14 weeks pregnant. I feel horrible because overnight I've put on so much weight. Is there anyone that's been through this ?

Im really upset I wear a size 26. The baby was a surprise and im ecstatic that im pregnant but the weight gain so fast has really upset me. Everything is tighter. I have bmi over 40 and don't want to starve myself cos i don't want to harm my baby but if i continue with expanding this fat im going to end up harming baby. What happens when im further on nothing will fit me im so stressed out :'(

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Hey! I'm not in the same position as you but I genuinely feel for you! No matter what size you are pre pregnancy, it's going to change your body drastically!

I'm really glad you have recognized starving yourself will harm your baby and you as well!

Have you met your midwife yet? I'm sure she will be able to help you with a healthy and nutritious diet to control your weight for the next few months and if she can't perhaps ask if you can see a dietician?

Getting bigger is bound to be daunting and I won't lie, you will need to get bigger clothes but it's only 9 months and at the end of it you will have a beautiful baby and then after giving birth you have the incentive to keep up with a your new diet and lifestyle if you wish then get a whole new wardrobe! :)

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder :)



If u can start to eat healthy now then u Prob won't put on weight. .I was a stone over weight to begin with and put on a stone in the first 3 months but from 26 weeks I never put on any weight til this week and I'm 38 weeks. .. and I ate what I wanted and I've got a good appetite. .if u are starting to feel better in the second trimester then start setting ur self some goals like trying to walk more or going swimming. .. and combined with healthy eating u Prob would lose weight but baby will be fine and getting all it's nutrients. .. and u will feel much better and it reduce alot of the risks in child birth and the risk of getting gestational diabetes. ..I wish u all the best. X


Get to your GP and insist on support for healthy eating. You can't change your start weight now but you can resolve to manage your weight from now on. With a bmi of 40+ you could face some significant difficulties along way and should be referred to a dietitian as soon as possible. Body changes are to be expected during pregnancy but weight gain is variable.

Slimming world with the support of you midwife may be and option and who knows by actually adopting healthier eating now you may end up being lighter than when you conceived! ~So don't give up or give in. Good luck :)

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I'm over weight too and have had great support from my midwife who referred me to a dietician. Make sure you say you want this and be forceful with it of you need too. I ended up losing weight to begin with as I was eating so much better and midwife was happy as baby was eating better because of it too!

Your doing great by highlighting your feelings now, it is ok to loose weight when pregnant so you can with your midwife consent go to slimming world if you want their support to help eat better too.

There are lots of options for you!


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