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How did you know when your baby was engaged? Thank you

I am 39 weeks + 2 days pregnant. I feel like my babys head is engaged and I feel alot of pessure and backache. I just wanted know what are the signs of my babys head getting engaged. I had my last appointment with my midwife. Next time she said she will me when I have had my baby.So I cant ask her. Any advice/tips I will apperciate on how to get my baby engaged. As I want a vbac

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Backache can be a sign of labour. ..I noticed that the top of my tummy seemed lower. .. and consultant said I was fully engaged today :)... also second babies or more sometimes don't engage till labour starts so I'm sure ur be ok to have a vbac x


Hi hun only my third engaged before the event I felt heavy down below and a little bit of pressure and also felt more free to breath easier xx

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Yes, that is familiar now you mention it - I was trying to remember as didn't happen with my last two before labour started but I definitely felt the difference with the first two in my lung capacity as much as anything! With my second she went quite low so I could sort of feel myself walking 'around her' head if that makes sense (think John Wayne!) with the first it was more subtle and felt it more in my bum as much as anything when going to the loo.


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