34 weeks midwife appointment - thoughts please!

Y'day I had my 34 week appt with midwife. She confirmed baby is footling breech (which I already suspected!) and said he was measuring a bit small. Movement has been ok and heart rate was fine. She didn't seem overly worried about size but said we should keep an eye on it. I've been worrying since then and wondered what everyone else thinks. The tape measure approach seems a bit crude to me but at 29 weeks he measured 29, at 32 weeks 31 and now at 34 he's 32. I know the numbers aren't far off normal but they seem to me to suggest the rate of growth is slowing. Next appt at 36 weeks. What would everyone else do? Stop worrying or try and push for a growth scan or something? All thoughts gratefully received. Thank you!


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  • A lady on here was measuring a cm smaller and they have given her a scan. . So maybe u should ring ur consultant and say ur concerned. .. no harm in checking. .. it could be cos baby is breech I measured smaller cos baby was transverse. . But he is on par. .. ring ur hosp and ask to soak to ur consultants secetary and voice ur concerns if ur worried x

  • Yes I don't think 'stop worrying' is an option - if you could, you would, right? Best to ask to have your mind put at rest if this is really playing on your mind. On the subject of breech you could check out the spinning babies website if you haven't seen it to see if you can persuade baby to change his or her approach! Best wishes.

  • My midwife told me if I was still breech at 34 weeks she would be sending me for scan , so with the fact that your measuring a little small as well I would def ring and voice your concerns x

  • i would definitely ask for a growth scan. I had one at 32 weeks and I am having an extra one at 36 weeks. I suspect the tape measure approach is really rather inexact as a way of assessing. Mind you, I hear even growth scan predictions can be pretty way out, up to 2 lb either way is quite common...


  • Hi,

    Im currently 35+6 wks pregnant & im measuring what seems to be 34+wks.

    Just like yourself the baby's heart rate is fine & it also seems "she's" in a good position (head down) but not yet engaged.

    Im honestly not sure how or what to feel like at this moment in time as I regularly feel some good movements & this is also my 2nd child with no major complications.

    Im having a growth scan tomorrow morning which was booked by my community midwife at my appt on tuesday but your ante-natal care may differ slightly & you could always book a growth scan yourself should you be concerned about the baby's size.


  • Thanks for all your comments.

  • I measured 2cm too small at a 32 week consultant appointment, which I had for my thyroid problems and which can cause growth issues. At that appointment I was sent for a scan to check everything was ok but the consultant said that they only sent me for a scan because of my under active thyroids, usually they don't scan unless you're out by 3cm. I don't know whether that's just my hospital or a national guideline. With me it turned out that the baby is a normal size, just my belly measuring small - it can just be the position of the baby.

    I would probably wait to the 36 week appointment and if it's even more out then ask for a scan.

  • From 32 weeks I was measuring a little smaller but my bump had dropped as baby was getting ready. Long as your not 3cm either way my midwife said it was normal. I went on to have a healthy baby girl born 2 weeks early xx

  • The tape measure method is crude and rough, i was measuring small when midwife did that she sent me for an emergency scan and hes measuring just fine, at 33 weeks he was estimate at 5lb so hes doing just fine on his growth im just measuring small. if midwife was concerned they would send you for a scan.

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