Almost 12 hours into induction!

So finally after all the issues we've had with this pregnancy, the iduction particularly they finally took me in!! Arrived at hospital at 3, gel went in at 5.15, contractions started about 30mins later, was took back up to the ward and hubby sent home at 8!

Was told they were going to examine me again at 11 to see what progress had been made & to make a plan as to whether i needed more gel, or if they were guna break my waters then or wait until the morning!

Well 11 o'clock came and i was put on the monitor, it was picking up my contractions every 7-10 mins, was told baby's heart rate seemed fine. They send there was not point in examining me because as I was contracting they wouldn't be able to put more gel in anyway!

I was taken of the monitor, offered paracetamol and told to get some rest! I got up, got as far as the toilet only to be called back as they had noticed babys heart rate had dropped well below 100 a few times so I needed to be checked again!Everything fine with the second trace!

So here I am still on the ward 11 hours and 14 mins since the gel went in and im contracting strongly every 2-3 mins! Have just had a 50 min hot shower and am now lied in the bed waiting for something else to happen!!

Really didn't want to wake people up so thought id message on here xx


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12 Replies

  • :-D good luck, hope it all goes really smoothly x

  • :-) exciting stuff! Sounds like you are doing fab! Good luck hun. You will be having snuggles soon! Xxx

  • I was induced and mine took 18 hours to have any effect at all but once it did it took two hours from waters breaking till my baby's birth! And I only had contractions for those two hours, I know induction is so boring :( can't imagine how it must feel if uv been contracting all that time though :( hopefully baba makes a move sometime soon for you! Good luck :) xxx

  • All the best xx

  • That's bull about not being able to have more prostin gel... My first round of prostin gave me strong contraction (known as prostin contractions) at a rate of 3 in 10 - did bugger all to my cervix, so had 3 lots in total before they decided epidural and forcible water breaking through a virtually closed cervix with an amnihook was they way forward :-/

  • Haven't even been examined since they put the gel in 14hours ago!! Its so frustrating not knowing if all this pain is actually doing anything worrh while!! X

  • Good luck, hope it is not too long to go now x

  • So second lot of gel in only 10 hours later than it should have been x

  • All the best. .... :-)

  • Good luck x

  • Ah, all the best - hope things hot up for you soon and meeting baby is just around the corner. Hang in there. x

  • good luck, ur bundle of joy will soon be here xx

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