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Side effects of whooping cough?

I got the whooping cough injection yesterday afternoon, and have woken up today feeling very weak, quite faint, sick and have been getting sore pains in stomach. Wee man has been moving fine all day, more than normal! Could this just be side affects of getting the whooping cough injection yesterday? Was also at midwife yesterday before I got the injection and everything was fine!x

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It could be. I felt awful after mine. I normally don't get side effects from jabs so wasn't expecting it really. I had flu type symptoms and a swollen arm that went purple lol. But baby was happy and wriggling around like a goodun :-) it should soon pass :D x


Ah I think it will just be that then as mine is flu like symptoms :( oh jeeze! That's the only thing I didn't get - a swollen arm!! Bloody sore arm though! Hope it passes quick :( x


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