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39 weeks and just found out baby is breech

Hi everyone,

I have been to see my midwife today, she thinks that my baby is now breech. He was in the head down position last week. I have a presentation scan on friday to see if he is breech or not. Being 39 weeks will they try and turn him? Will they C-Section me before 40 weeks so I don't go into labour? Does anyone have any experience on this? Feeling quite emotional about it all, really was hoping for a water birth.


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Ah no that must have been a real shock!! Take this time to consider your options my baby was breech but early on but I still wanted to research turning procedure as much as possible so I had all the information. In my case baby turned round but I will say do you feel like he is breech based on movements rec? My mw told me many times Hugo was head down but I was convinced he was on his side because where I was feeling kicks it wound have been impossible for him to be head down! Turns out I was right and he was on his side!!

After I researched the turning I decided if it came to it I wouldn't have it done due to the risks and opt for a c-section, although I really didn't want a section in that situation it was what I'd choose.

You can give birth naturally with a breech but not sure how much more complicated it is.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful! X


An ECV (turning) can be attempted (but usually isn't) even if a woman is in labour so you might find they are willing to have a go - the only difference from doing it a couple of weeks ago is that your baby is a bit bigger and may be engaged. Do be careful if you google ECV to look at the evidence in terms of statistics and academic studies (which there is not that much of) rather than what people write more generally - a quick look on google just brought up some highly dubious comments which would make you very afraid but actually tell you nothing about the statistical reality of outcomes. (No criticism at all intended - you may have done this) This also needs to be balanced against the risks associated with caesarean birth.

If your baby is in a frank breech position with feet near his or her head you can opt to try for a vaginal birth or trial of labour - if things don't progress a caesarean can still be done. Realistically it is easier to give birth to a breech if this is not your first baby but you can ask about it anyway if you are interested (one of the main probs with breech birth is that you need an obstetrician or midwife with breech experience which not all hospitals now have). Above all you can focus on what is important to you about your baby's birth - there will be things you can maintain whatever happens (e.g. having skin to skin with baby following birth can happen whether vaginal or caesarean) making it as much 'your way" as you can. All the best!


If you have time, Hypnosis can be very helpful and successful in turning a breech baby. It's worth finding an easibirth specialist who has been trained to give specific suggestions to you and the baby for getting in the right position (but if you can't find one, any good hypnotherapist should be able to relax you & give some hypnotic suggestions about turning baby)

It allows you and your muscles to relax fully which allows baby as much room as possible to get in the right position. Leaning forward and supporting yourself on the back of a chair so your tummy hangs down in front of you for a while may help too (


If you are feeling anxious about anything, its also worth looking up (on YouTube) how to do EFT - it's very quick and easy to learn and it can really help you de-stress and stay relaxed (which is important to allow baby to move)!

Hope it all goes well for you. :-)



My baby was breech all the way through my pregnancy. I wasn't offered an ECV instead they booked my in for a c section at 39 weeks. My waters broke before this however so it ended up being an emergency c section. I understand how upsetting and frustrating it is as I had always wanted a home water birth. However the safety of the baby is what's most important and they decide in the end. Good luck x


Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much for your comments and support. Went for a presentation scan yesterday and was told that Oliver is not breech and is head down. :-) So relieved. They said they aren't sure why the midwife could not tell the difference??

Just need the little monkey to be born now :-)



How did your baby get unbreeched?


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