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Annoyed and frustrated doesnt even come close!! Just venting some steam

So as most of you know I managed to put my induction back 10 days until my due date, which was yesterday after much negotiation with my consultant!!

Well went in for my appointment at 3 yesterday was shifted from day room to day room for 4 hours until they decided to sent me home as they were to busy to fit me in! Was told to ring at 7 this morning for a time to go in today!

Rang them at 7 only to be told to ring back at 9 as they weren't sure what was going to happen with me until my consultant had arrived!! Rang at 9 to be told to go up at they would get the consultant to review me in the hope that they would be able to fit me in later this morning!

So off I go only to be stuck in another day room for 90mins only for my consultant and a mw to tell me to go home and come back tomorrow at 3 as they just had got space for another induction today as they are still catching up from the weekend!!!

Seriously not a happy bunny do they not realise it not just me they are messing about I have two other children I have to rearrange care for!! AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!

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Don't get me wrong I understand that emergencies must come first but considering I had to fight just to make it to my due date!!


Arrrggghhhh I feel for u bloody annoying they do need to take into consideration that u do have a life and responsibilities. .. when u next speak to them refuse to leave.. tell ur consultant that u got him put it back and now ur being mucked about and enough is enough u need a decision and it to be kept to. .. with induction it may take a while anyway! Ive seen the ward packed with women for induction the week I was in there most of them went down that day but there were some who were still there after 2 days hope they pull their fingers out! X


I keep saying that due dates are fictional.... they're guestimated for medical purposes only!!!! With a bit of luck you might just start all by yourself x :)


Oh, so sorry to hear about this! What a pain having to work your life and family around their schedule for the week! Quite aside from anything else if you hadn't been jigging backwards and forwards to hospital and all the ensuing stress you might have started by yourself anyway which I know you were kind of hoping for. Hope are you coping with the pain? I remember that you had agreed with Dr to reduce your meds whilst going the extra time to see if baby would put an appearance in. Agree with babymother - time to dig your heels in on what you want. If you want to be induced tomorrow then tell them you aren't going home again and if you would rather wait and see you now have a lot of bargaining power as you have been so messed about - they can hardly tell you that you are doing the wrong thing by not coming in if they have already put you off two days! It is your choice at the end of the day. In the meantime, hard as I know it must be try to kick back and do something nice for yourself and get really relaxed and maybe, like mamacool says you will beat them to it anyway. Fingers crossed for you. x

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To be honest im not coping with the pain most days it's more than I can manage to move from one room to another without being in tears and its all getting abit to much!!

I dont really have much choice but to dig my heals in tomorrow and get them to start me off as my mum doesnt live close to us and has used the last of her holiday from work to be here to have the kids so my husband can be with me, so if it doesn't happen this week I will have no choice but to go alone & I seriously dont think I could!!


Def tell them this so not right really hope they do it for u tmw x


Completely get you on that - you've got to have that support. Hope all goes well for tomorrow. A friend of mine talks about 'playing the stuck record to get through to Drs/MWs who aren't listening - just keep saying the same thing over and over, that way you don't have to keep thinking of new or better reasons to try and persuade them you just gradually drive them nuts til they agree! Hope it happens easily for you without any more unnecessary stress and that you have a very happy birth-day. x


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