Had the fright of my life last night

woke up at 1am needing the loo. .. went and had a drink and couldn't get comfy little one usually has a shuffle around but nothing, thought was odd so tried to give him a prod nothing, moved my belly from side to side he usually puts his bum in the air or kicks me back nothing. .. went downstairs had a cold drink with lots of ice laid in left side nothing. ..I tried moving him again could hear the amniotic fluid swish around in my stomach but still nothing by this time I was so scared. ... rang triage they told me to go down and put me in the monitor found his heart beat but not as active as what he usually is. Had regular tightenings and he moved once every day 15 mins but I also noticed his heartbeat which isusually around the 150bpm are now120-130 but they said they weren't worried... and sent me home saying if I'm worried then I need to go back I was just scared. ..petrified is the word but he has been ok today and had his usual Hiccups.... just want him out safe and sound :)

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  • I can totally sympathise with you there. Over the last few weeks as my tightenings have increased, baby seems to have some nights where I feel very little movement which scares me so much. I was up at 5:30 this morning trying to get little one to wriggle which he/she did eventually... Daytime movements are the same as ever.

    Maybe baby movements are changing due to positioning and engaging as baby will be at a different angle?

    They do like to keep worrying us! x

  • Oh the cheeky little thing worrying mummy like that!! James did the same thing and sent me off to the hospital for monitoring as well!! Glad bubba is back on the move for you x

  • Oh you poor thing! What a time to give you a fright like that too! Hoping for you that he is conserving his energy for labour and is getting ready for the big day soon. x

  • Me too had never done that before I was in a right state little bugger is moving quite happily today thank god I was a nervous wreck

  • Oh No.... far too scary, especially at 38 weeks or so... your pregnancy has been quite stressful, Your little boy needs to hurry up and come into the world :-) lol xx

  • Yep I wish he could read that lol x

  • Oh no what a worry x pleased your all ok again xx

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