Better late than never!

Better late than never!

Well at the grand old gestation of 41 weeks, our very beautiful little lady made an appearance today! Weighing in at 8lb 10.5oz, we have named her Ada.

Even with the pain so fresh in my mind, I can honestly say that her labour was wonderful. Almost a carbon copy of my son's birth in 2011 down to the very same midwife who delivered them both! I lost my hind waters at 1am, mild contractions started at 2am, and they really started kicking some ass by 4am. By 6am they were 2 mins apart and painful so my mum came to collect Max and we made it to the birthing centre for 7am, at 4cm dilated.

A few hours of intense contractions in and out the pool and she was born in the pool at 12.40pm, with gas and air and tens machine for pain relief. No pushing - my contractions did all the work and I literally breathed her head out, totally down to my midwife. She absolutely rocked! My partner was amazing too, he makes a top birth partner. We did immediate skin to skin in the pool and delayed cord clamping, which I really liked.

We came home at 6pmish after a couple of minor skin stitches (a big improvement on my first labour here!) and Ada is proving to be a total boob hound. I hope my milk comes in very soon or I am going to have some serious nipple ache! She is settling in beautifully.

Big thanks to all you ladies for providing such a fabulous supportive forum, even posts that I haven't directly contributed to have proved very helpful. Love to mums, babies and bumps :-) x

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  • A lovely birth story x and I beautiful little lady xx congratulations xxx

  • Ah how lovely. Your labour sounds like a great experience! Well done to you. She is beautiful. Congratulations. Wish you and your family all the best :-)

  • Oh yeah

    She's beautiful & what a good weight.

    Congratulations hun!!

    "Cant wait for mine now - more than ever :-) "

  • Congratulations Hun, Ada is beautiful x

  • Congratulations. To u on the birth of ada...beautiful name. Take care xx

  • Wow That sounds fantastic. . Glad all went well. ... beautiful little girl but not so little! Big congrats x

  • Congratulations! x Welcome to the world Ada

  • Ahhh. That great, she's adorable and you sound in adrenaline fuelled high spirits :-) Congratulations on your new addition Ada xx

  • Beautiful little her name.congratulations hun xx

  • Congrats xxx

  • Congratulations x

  • She is lovely congratulations and its so nice to hear a really positive birth story :)

  • congratulations dear,may the good Lord bless and keep this child IJN Amen xx. welcome cutie

  • A happy positive experience for you :-) Congratulations on your lovely baby girl Ada. x

  • Congrats:-)

  • She is beauitful! Many congratulations x

  • Congratulations! She is beautiful and thanks for your lovely story. Enjoy! x

  • Congratulations! it's well with you and your baby xx

  • Sounds like a lovely, relaxed birth and a beautiful little girl. Well done you!

    :D xXx

  • Congratulations, she's gorgeous :-) I'm glad she arrived safe and well after your extra wait and sounds like a great birth experience for you both x

  • Congratulations, she's lovely :) x

  • Welcome Ada, congrats mum. She's gorgeous

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