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Early scan tomorrow and nervous!

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I am 6 weeks pregnant, I have an early scan tomorrow due to some light bleeding on and off this past week. So nervous as had a missed miscarriage at the beginning of the year that started the same way. So nervous and feel like it is going to happen again.

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Hi Hun, I had mmc in April, fell pregnant again after 1st cycle and had bleeding at 6 weeks, had early scan and all was fine I am now 19 wks preg... Hope everything goes as well 4 u as it has me. Keep us informed after yr scan fingers crossed all b fine xxx

Good luck with it all, if they don't see anything don't panic....I had a 6 wk scan this time round as had had some bleeding, all they could see was an empty sac so I had to wait 2 weeks to be re scanned, they then found a 7 wk fetus at second scan.....although I was sure of my last period date they decided I had only been 5 weeks pregnant at the first scan which is why there was nothing to be seen. Fingers crossed you will see something tomo just don't want you to panic if you cant as still so early but all could still be ok. xxxxx

Thank you. Last time I had a misshapen sac and it measured 5 weeks when I should have been 8 weeks. Thank you for your reassurance though, it is good to know there are some positive outcomes out there. xxx

I had the same in this pregnancy and with my son both times the found nothing and had a very anxious wait to be rescanned! Both pregnancy's turn out fine (am due tomorrow) despite having had 5 previous miscarriages! So please dont be too disheartened if they cant see anything! Will keep my fingers crossed for you x

Thank you, I am trying to stay positive. Last time I had lost all my symptoms whereas this time I still have sore boobs and nausea although I don't know if that is nerves but I am trying to see it as a good sign. xxx

Keepig everything crossed for you that this is a sticky one x

Thank you! x

Got everything possible crossed for you and oh tomorrow xx

Thank you everyone! Am trying to remain positive! (Pardon the pun!) xx

Good luck today xx

I had a mmc almost a year ago then fell pregnant again and felt very pregnant (Mornin sickness etc) and am due in 4 weeks. Hope everything works out ok for you x

Thank you. Was light bleeding again when i woke up just to remind me not to get my hopes up. Am dreading it. Xx

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Thinking of you hoping for good news xxxx

Good luck. Try to think positive. Fingers crossed for you x

Hi all, just got back and saw a teen tiny heartbeat!!! Midwife said the pregnancy looks how it should for 6 weeks, and the sac is a good shape and implanted nicely. She said to keep an eye on the bleeding and if it gets worse or stops completely but starts in a couple of weeks again to go back so still nervous but great news so far!! Thanks for all your support! xx

Thats fantastic! Just take each day as it comes xx

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That's great news hun am really pleased for you fingers crossed all will continue to go well xxxx

Great news, so pleased for you x

That's great Hun, really pleased 4 u .hope all goes well..xx

Brilliant news :) xx

Off for another scan on Tuesday as woke up this morning and had some brown discharge. Only a tiny bit and if I wasn't already paranoid I wouldn't have noticed! Another long weekend waiting nervously now. x

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