Why can't I stop shaking/shivering? Due TOMORROW!! Advice very much needed!!

As most of you will know I have been feeling rather rough these last few days sickness & diareaha on and off and just generally feeling really poorly!

Today I have developed a new symptom, I literally cant stop shaking (violently shivering) completely uncontrollably! Im not cold and dont have a temperature! Although do have a bad headache which paracetamol is not touching! Any ideas what this could be and do you think its worth ringing the mw even though I've got an appointment tomorrow afternoon to be induced?

Please help x

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I would, I went in for induction and onceni started early labour I couldn't stop shivering, I was also freezing and had about four blankets on me in the end. I had to have iv paracetamol and antibiotics during labour, though I don't know if this connected but it's worth a phone call to put your mind at rest. Hope all goes well x

Deffo call the MW honey. You could have a bug or it could be anxiety and nerves. x

How long have you had the shakes? Am I right in thinking that you have said before that you've been experiencing Braxton Hicks ctxs?

Also, have you been able to eat okay since the D&V?

I've been trying to eat little an offten and haven't actually been sick today (touch wood) and have been drinking loads of water as that's about all I've been able to stomach! D&v started thursday & has been on & off ever since (takes it in turns lol)

Yeah I was having braxton hicks for a few weeks, some times quite strong although haven't had any since yesterday.

Shaking started early hours this morning and last 5-10 mins before easing, comes and goes with no regular pattern!!

I would also suggest you phone your midwife hun. The headache could be a sign of high blood pressure not sure if you can get shaky with that too but not worth risking. Good luck xxxx

Sounds interesting! Poor you having D&V at this time of all times! It is worth seeing if the MW thinks it is a cause for concern, especially if you are feeling lousy in yourself too. The two things which were on my mind were whether your body was having a reaction to low blood sugar if you hadn't eaten and whether you were in labour without it being obvious. Shakes sometimes come because the blood is re-routed to the uterus in labour and so you feel cold & shivery - I've always had the shakes as labour started (hence me asking!) or they can come later when the adrenaline for pushing kicks in. If you aren't having any tightenings that seems unlikely on the face of it. You could try sucking some of those glucose tablets and see if they don't make you feel too sick, they could help if you haven't been able to eat a lot. Totally theorizing here so don't take me as an authority but what if it was a bit of both? - things trying to get started without enough fuel to kick off, might be worth seeing what happens if you can manage to get some good carbs down if you are up to it but the glucose tablets might be an alternative if you can't face anything substantial. Especially with your appt tomorrow it's worth seeing if you can help your body prepare with food & rest too. And I know that you had good reason for not wanting to postpone induction longer but another 24hrs to recover from your bug might help it to go well if you wanted to negotiate that. All the very best if things do kick off before or, if not, for your induction - either way not long now!!!

bumpnumber4 makes a good point, hadn't thought of that - I've not heard of shaking as a symptom but nausea and headaches can both be so might be worth asking MW.

I've already managed to put my induction back 10days to give my body a chance (against consultants advice) dont think I'd get away with delaying it any more! My nans got a blood sugar monitor as she has diabetes so am guna go check mine (hadn't even crossed my mind that might be the cause) then will ring the mw thanks for the advice x

Yes, I remember your post about putting back induction - I do understand your feelings about that completely. I hope your baby decides to put in a last minute appearance - it does seem to happen to quite a lot of women! If your blood sugar is okay it might be worth raising the question of blood pressure with MW if she doesn't mention it. Hope all goes well for you.

awwwwwwh sorry dear,better still call your midwife and for me I believe you are being anxious. Don't worry God is with you and you shall have safe delivery xx

Sounds miserable :-( I hope you feel better soon. Most of the possible causes that I thought of have already been mentioned, but I would also consider drinking isotonic drinks (again, if you can stomach them) as they're better than water if you can't keep much food down.

Hope all goes well today littlekate - will be thinking of you! Let us know. x

Thank you x

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